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Sunday, September 8, 2013

My Zespri (Kiwi!) Experience

You have no idea how thrilled I was when I received the email from Zespri inviting me to be one of the Zespri Bloggers. Simple cos I absolutely adore kiwis, it's one of my top favourite fruits. And Zespri kiwis are a familiar sight in my fridge. I was gonna actively take part in the 14-day challenge, but unfortunately it was a case of bad timing. :/ My schedule at that time was jam-packed, which is also why there were lack of updates on this space. 

So. Since it's too late for me to do a 14-day challenge thing, I'm gonna compile my entire Zespri experience into one post instead. Here we go. :)

If you've not yet read about how much goodness is packed in a kiwi, here's just a few of them:

  • Super high vitamin C content - immunity boost!
  • Great source of fiber - prevents constipation!
  • Helps clean out toxins
  • Great source of vitamin E - great skin!
  • Smart carb for weight loss

Thank you so much for the supply for kiwis, Zespri. This was my first pack from them. :)
 photo P1030160_zpsa4f1514e.jpg
 photo P1030155_zps913f0717.jpg
One of my brothers happily enjoying them as well. (He doesn't want a shot of him to be taken cos he was botak then, cos of NS haha)

 photo P1030163_zps3dd88a24.jpg
 photo P1030164_zps4b839e9e.jpg
 photo Photoon2013-07-13at16102_zps6cce1047.jpg
My favourite way to eat them is always - slice the kiwi into half and eat it with a spoon!

And the Zespri Blogger Dinner!
 photo P1030174_zps6a0a20ab.jpg
 photo P1030170_zpsdd75817e.jpg
 photo P1030165_zpsb18f929a.jpg
 photo P1030168_zps591f26e3.jpg
 photo P1030167_zpse29bfba5.jpg
 photo P1030175_zps2760b317.jpg
 photo P1030177_zps2e690826.jpg
 photo P1030179_zps1ae62fe1.jpg
This was amazing. AMAZING.
 photo P1030183_zpsd31e33e9.jpg
Bowl full of kiwi goodness!!!
 photo P1030185_zps4faa3e98.jpg
With Cheryl and Alexis! It's been almost a year since we met. 
 photo P1030186_zpse639efe6.jpg
And my plus one for the night, Irfan!
The boyfriend's best friend and a very good friend of mine. :)

 photo Photoon2013-07-13at1609_zps4d4bd27a.jpg
Kiwi goodness, anytime. Thank you, Zespri. :)

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