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Friday, September 27, 2013

Saturday Marché date with the boy x Advertorial for De-stylez

Yes I know I've not done any of my outfit-of-the-day or what-I-wore-today posts in a long time. But I'm baaaaaaaack with posts like that now! ;)

It's been raining pretty often recently, and honestly, I love it. I'm glad it was raining (in the morning) the day I wore this dress out, so I can layer it with this pretty outerwear from Marks & Spencers.

 photo P1030330_zpsfce78cdc.jpg
Dress // De-stylez
Outerwear // Marks & Spencer
Shoes // ASOS
Necklaces // Forever21
Bag // ASOS

 photo P1030334_zps04a196d6.jpg
 photo P1030357_zps53e97504.jpg
 photo P1030341_zps2cc04834.jpg
Check out the back of this dress from De-stylez! I love the fact that you can tie a bow/ribbon because it makes the dress look kinda fun and a little flirty at the same time. The boyfriend had a little trouble tying a pretty ribbon for me so....we left it like that. Lol.

 photo Photo8-9-1394015PM_zps7fb43d8e.jpg
 photo P1030383_zps1c0e1d70.jpg
 photo P1030379_zps211fca65.jpg
And the boyfriend's outfit!

Shirt // A&F
Jeans // Uniqlo
Shoes // Dr Martens
Shades // Ray Ban
Watch // Nautica

 photo P1030360_zps9a207c93.jpg
With the boyfriend! :)

We decided to go to Marché for lunch, or "dunch" (lunch + dinner)? Is there a proper term for meals taken after 3pm and before 5pm yet? Hahaha.
 photo P1030317_zps97f6aefd.jpg
I've not been to Marché in ages. But anyhow, I love the interior concept for this Marché at 313 Somerset. We chose the one that kinda reminded me of a Swedish log/cabin house.

 photo P1030320_zps6e6bac11.jpg
OF COURSE I'M GONNA HAVE THE ROSTI. And with smoked salmon, perfect!

 photo P1030322_zpsabeb182c.jpg
He went to order this and we were both surprised by how large the portion was when it was served to our table. We couldn't finish it.

 photo P1030323_zpse039d34d.jpg
Yay Belgian waffles!! I don't like the typical waffles.

 photo P1030326_zps206cabae.jpg
The boy and his chocolate mousse haha.


The dress featured in the beginning of this post was kindly sponsored by De-stylez, and that wasn't the only piece they gave me. Thanks for the lovely generosity, De-stylez! :) They also gave me this really cute and cheery-looking romper too. Hehe. Such a pretty coral shade!

 photo P1030556_zpse438365a.jpg
Okay I pretty much wore the same accessories, bags and shoes for this outfit too hahaha (sorry they're my favourites right now) so I'm just gonna mention where my bangles and earrings are from.

 photo P1030552_zpsbd0ea2d6.jpg

Romper // De-stylez
Bangles // French Connection
Earrings // Lovisa

De-stylez, like its name suggests, is all about style. We all have our own individual style, or a style we prefer, don't we? De-stylez allows you to shop according to your style, making your online shopping experience more productive because that means you can filter out the clothes in styles that you will definitely not wear.

Check out the different style categories you can shop from

So there is something for everyone, no matter what your preferred style is! For more of what they have, visit their store here and "like" De-stylez's Facebook page here to get instant updates on their new collections. :)

The weekends are almost here y'all! xx

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