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Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Tumblr Tuesdays: 3 Sep 2013

Hello there!!!

I know I know, it's been 3 weeks since my last update. *hangs head in shame* Juggling school and work at the same time really is no easy feat. I'm trying my very best to manage all areas efficiently, and I will. So terribly sorry for neglecting this space and you guys, my lovely readers, for the past few weeks. 

But anyhow! I have a couple of exciting news/updates/collaborations/announcements to share with you guys, very very soon. So, look out for that! But before that, I have this mini update for you guys first - another Tumblr Tuesday post! Some visual-lust to last through the week, sounds good yes? ;) 

#Today's playlist: Bombay Bicycle Club#

 photo tumblr_mp5g4cNLlV1qibhgro1_500_zps00c6e8d6.jpg
 photo tumblr_mguuejNcUr1s0a4soo1_500_zps6aaac8f8.jpg
 photo tumblr_mch1mpiBaH1r8hiu2o1_500_zps837ffd4c.jpg
 photo tumblr_mni5gxhWXX1rs13vyo1_500_zps0e3dc903.jpg
 photo tumblr_mqnkboHog51s85oe5o1_500_zpsbd11ad57.jpg photo tumblr_mlcnnlhJOy1qbu25qo1_500_zps7ea1327f.jpg
 photo tumblr_mo0st4PNcA1rs13vyo1_500_zps835e2924.jpg
 photo tumblr_mruizvWUND1s01tqfo1_500_zps59643389.jpg


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