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Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Fidé Fashion Week 2013: Julien Fournié for Love, Bonito x Dinner at Au Chocolat

Let me start of this post with my outfit-of-the-day shall we! :)

 photo P1030796_zps5dd4ce6a.jpg
Top // Lacepipe
Skirt // TheTinselRack
Belt // Gap
Shoes // Shesprees
Necklace // Rockstar by Soon Lee
Watch // ASOS
 photo P1030793_zpsd26cbc35.jpg
Unflattering angle but I kinda like it although I don't look very good here lol. Yeah I'm contradicting myself here, ain't I?

Would have worn contacts, did my makeup like when I model for blogshops and dressed up abit more (that's what I did when I attended last year's Fidé Fashion Week), but I had a morning class at 8.30am and I wasn't gonna go home after that either so nahhhh.

 photo P1030802_zpse41d8107.jpg

And it's time for dinner at one of my favourite, favourite restaurants in Singapore, Au Chocolat! Good food, good service, good ambience, so please do go there for a meal if you haven't! It's quite affordable too although it's in MBS. Btw, it will also make a very lovely place for a date. ;)

 photo P1030780_zpsce4a7fdd.jpg

We were both in the mood to have breakfast for dinner that night, so...
 photo P1030785_zps5f1a4168.jpg
 photo P1030788_zps72b4f4e7.jpg
I ordered the Eggs Royale. I love salmon, especially smoked ones. Mmmm.

 photo P1030789_zps1dfad9e7.jpg
And the boy had the Au Chocolat Benedict, which is (if I didn't remember wrongly) one of the chef's recommendations. This one had chocolate sauce on it too. DELISH.

 photo P1030791_zps4f4b9457.jpg
 photo P1030782_zpsab30f17a.jpg
Yeap, Halloween's coming soon!

Then, we ordered this triple layer chocolate cake (I think that's what it's called) for dessert and my goodness, we had no idea it was gonna be this hugeeee!!
 photo 9991_10151800310567795_1606349543_n_zps7e367036.jpg
That's the "I-don't-know-how-we-are-gonna-finish-this" face. Hahaha. And nope, we didn't finish it. Maybe if we didn't have our eggs benedict, we could. Chocolate lovers should really try this one, but with a group of friends please!

And then, it's on to the fashion show! Would like to thank Blessinc PR for the lovely invitation! :)

 photo P1030805_zpsc5d9672e.jpg
Actually I knotted my skirt cos it was kinda long and I wanted to show my shoes. But hey, it looked pretty nice like that anyway!

 photo P1030816_zps46e7f689.jpg
 photo Photo20-10-1332810pm_zps3651f8a0.jpg
 photo Photo20-10-1333753pm_zps47719fb5.jpg
On another note, it's also the boy's birthday today so, happy birthday my darling! xx

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