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Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Kisses Bakery at Tiong Bahru

 photo P1030736_zpsd1ff3362.jpg
My first bite of Kisses Bakery's salted caramel cupcake (before this food tasting session) was definitely memorable. My eyes literally widened in response to how delightful my my taste buds were at that moment and I think I said more than one "wow". Angel bought it for Irfan, and it being salted caramel (I love almost anything caramel/salted caramel), my taste buds' interest were piqued; so I asked if I could have a bite just to try. I really wasn't expecting that reaction from myself and of course, I had more than one bite hahahaha. It was too good.

Irfan, knowing that I wanted to make a trip down one day (Tiong Bahru is kinda out of the way for me) so that I can have one whole cupcake to myself, decided to bring me there on my birthday (which was in August). After that visit, I made another one more visit before this food tasting session. I am really thrilled to be doing this review for them. Blogging for brands/companies you truly love/are a fan of is the best really. :)

 photo P1030723_zps385be27c.jpg
 photo P1030725_zpsb0460e1f.jpg
I really like this decor item in the cafe. So very pretty!

 photo P1030722_zpsbe5993ac.jpg
 photo P1030731_zps391b0e47.jpg
And when I came, they already had my cupcakes for the food tasting all lined up and ready!

 photo P1030760_zpscda190fa.jpg
Meet Phil, one of the owners of Kisses Bakery.

Did you know that Kisses Bakery only sells the cupcakes made on the day itself, so your cupcake is definitely fresh out of the oven! If their cupcakes sell out before closing time, they won't bake anymore and close the shop early. But if there are cupcakes left when it's already time to close the shop, they will give them to the needy, so no wastage! *thumbs up!*

I reached at about 2 plus 3 and that's all the cupcakes they have left already! (above picture)

 photo P1030749_zps4c58b007.jpg
You can see their cupcake menu with the description of each cupcake here.

According to the arrangement in the above picture:
Funfetti - Salted Caramel - Peanut Butter Choc Chip
Kaya - Mocha Chocolate - Rose Caramel
Chocolate - White Chocolate Raspberry - Red Velvet

Their best-sellers are Chocolate, Salted Caramel and Peanut Butter Choc Chip. My number one favourite? Salted Caramel without a doubt!
Me with my salted caramel cupcake! Hehe.
This was taken with the phone, so pardon the quality!

My second favourite's the Peanut Butter Choc Chip. Both are delightfully sublime though!! Honestly, I think they have the best salted caramel cupcake in Singapore. (compared to the ones I've tried so far la) Their cake is also what makes them stand out. It's not loose so it doesn't like crumble/fall apart? That's what I call a true good cake. Lol.

If you love coffee, strong coffee especially, you gotta try Mocha Chocolate. The coffee taste is strong!
And if you like bandung, then you gotta try Rose Caramel. Think bandung with caramel. Haha.

 photo P1030742_zpsb599e027.jpg
 photo P1030755_zps062d8dc9.jpg
And this month's special flavour - Earl Grey Orange cupcake!

I was so happy when I knew it was earl grey, I love earl grey so much! My 21st birthday cake's earl grey hahaha. And this cupcake, combined with the orange-infused cake was just brilliant! It's a harmonious blend between fragrant and fresh in one bite.

 photo P1030757_zps267bc068.jpg
With the boyfriend. He was looking forward to try the cupcakes after hearing me (and our mutual friends) rave about it all the time hahaha.

 photo P1030771_zps02d053a7.jpg
And with Phil! Thank you so much for your warm hospitality, you made us feel right at home! Heh. :)

 photo P1030764_zpsfb5f578d.jpg
If you drive, you must know that they have a "drive-through"! Just call beforehand to place your order and then drive through to collect them without getting out of the car! Awesome, isn't it!

 photo P1030768_zps2c8bd02b.jpg
Love the very retro-looking store front.

Like them on Facebook here!
(I honestly think they deserve lots of love from you guys because not only do they serve superbly delicious and pretty looking cupcakes, they are really friendly people too! So, what's there not to like? Hehe)

And find them on Instagram: @kissesbakerysg

Kisses Bakery is located at:
55 Tiong Bahru Road (entrance of Tiong Poh Road)

Nearest MRT: Tiong Bahru/Outram Park
Buses: 5, 16, 33, 63, 75, 123, 175, 195, 851, 970, NR5 (Bus Stop No.:06051)

Opening Hours: Daily from 11am to 7pm


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