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Tuesday, October 29, 2013

My 21st Birthday Party (also my first ever birthday party)

Ok I turned 21 in August, so I know that this is a really belated blog post about my birthday party but anywho!

It is also my first ever birthday party (for myself la). My parents don't believe in throwing birthday parties for their children so...yeah. But I'm okay with that really; I prefer having a birthday celebration that's somewhat more intimate/personal, with my family and good friends. And that also means I get to celebrate it more than once hahaha, cos I meet and celebrate it with my different groups of friends separately. 

But well, turning 21 is kinda like one of the milestones in life, so I suppose it's worthy of a party. I think it's also good because I get to celebrate it with the people I love and whom I'm most thankful for, all together at once at the same place. So it's special, and definitely memorable.

I wanted to hold it at Carpenter and Cook, my favourite cafe in Singapore (thus far). But they don't do weekends so after much searching/changing of choices, I finally decided on The Muffinry. And I'd say, that was a good choice. Friendly (and very helpful) staff and it was a very cosy venue.

Oh and the theme for the night was Vintage!

Ok shall let the pictures do most of the talking. :)

I was asked to come at 6pm, after my styling appointment at Shunji Matsuo, while my friends set up the place. I love them so damn much really. So, these behind-the-scenes photos gave me a glimpse of what went on before I arrived. 
 photo _MG_1176_zps458ac39c.jpg
Yeah almost everyone knows I love sunflowers. Haha. 
 photo _MG_1171_zps83eace50.jpg
 photo _MG_1193_zps529d2a9f.jpg
And my love for minions. Lol. 
 photo _MG_1212_zps8fb74c81.jpg
My best guy friend, Nigel, looking absolutely dashing here, in my opinion la. Hahaha. 
 photo _MG_1236_zps37196140.jpg
Nigel and Julia (who planned the entire thing) meeting me at the entrance before bringing me up. 
 photo _MG_1238_zps3ed95a87.jpg
I love Nadirah's (the one at the extreme left) expression here hahahaha. It's priceless! She told me she will be delayed and might only reach at 9pm. That was a pretty damn good surprise cos I believed her and she hugged me from the back when I came in.

 photo _MG_1245_zps8bffbea2.jpg
With Chng Yong, one of my first "colleagues". We met while working as cashiers for the John Little Expo Sale after finishing O' Levels. A group of us hit off really well and became good friends. It's a pity the rest of them were overseas on that day, but he still came despite not knowing anyone else. A good friend indeed hehe.

 photo _MG_1357_zps6436ffdd.jpg
Minion marshmallows, but of course ;)

 photo _MG_1442_zps19c2c6af.jpg
My birthday cake! All I told Julia was I wanted one with minions and a vespa, if it's possible to combine both, and this is what I got. Heh. And the cake's earl grey!!

 photo _MG_1438_zpsc2be2aee.jpg
My very dashing best friend again lol. Eh really, guys look good when playing a music instrument.

And then, everyone wanted me to sing a song and so I did. Most impromptu (and unprepared) performance I've ever done. 
 photo _MG_1501_zpscea9a464.jpg
 photo _MG_1503_zpsa4b0679a.jpg
Love this shot of the boyfriend hehehe. This was taken while I was singing.

And on to the photobooth (kinda) pictures!

 photo Shanice_bday_2408135297_zpsdfb28164.jpg
Being a reporter for YOG will always be one of the best experiences in my life, the people I met are also what made the experience even more precious. Meet Vicson and Huijin - the 3 of us regularly meetup to catch up and all that. Come to think of it, it's been 3 years since YOG and we're still in close contact, really appreciate that. So yes in this photo, we were trying to form Y-O-G with our hands, not really successful right? Haha.

 photo Shanice_bday_2408135300_zpsb5d78e63.jpg
And oh meet Jeanine and Vincent, owners of Hervintagestore, the blogshop I regularly model for! :)

 photo Shanice_bday_2408135307_zps8e980ae6.jpg
With Melvin and Jem! I find it pretty amazing how I went from a blogger-PR person relationship with the both of them to something more personal. I first met them at the blogger event for Nando's, they were from the PR agency representing Nando's. Wish Daen could have made it though.

 photo Shanice_bday_2408135382_zps6554333e.jpg
With Christine, my ex-classmate and group mate from Lasalle. A pity the rest of my groupmates couldn't make it. :(

 photo Shanice_bday_2408135348_zpsea791e1d.jpg
And with my favourite group of girls whom I met during poly! :)

 photo Shanice_bday_2408135377_zpsf8275193.jpg
With Alphonso, my first ever guy best friend lol. We were secondary school classmates and desk mates. And he's a twin too btw!

 photo _DSC2293_zps6bc6b67a.jpg
With my best friend, whom I fondly call Butty (that's what she calls me too). To 9 (almost 10!) years of friendship and counting. We're gonna be going to Nepal together in December, can't wait!

 photo Shanice_bday_2408135324_zps15d7c8bc.jpg
Love this picture cos it's with two of my bestest girlfriends ever.
 photo _DSC2286_zps90d88d5a.jpg
And with Nigel!
 photo Shanice_bday_2408135271_zps712bcafe.jpg
HAHAHAHA. Just...hilarious this one.
 photo Shanice_bday_2408135264_zpsfb6337a0.jpg
And meet Julia! She planned my 21st birthday party, without her, I think it'd have turned out quite differently.

 photo Shanice_bday_2408135332_zpsab8ce5ba.jpg
With Fifa! I said it in one of my Instagram posts - she has the most precious personality ever. I'm really glad to have her in my life. :)

 photo Shanice_bday_2408135335_zps4eac2d8b.jpg
And with my favourite boy. :) I loved his outfit that day. Heh.
 photo Shanice_bday_2408135334_zpse9a30c95.jpg

And meet the photographer, Jonathan! Met him while at one of my modelling gigs. He's a very very talented photographer and a fellow indie/alternative music lover too.
 photo Shanice_bday_2408135379_zps50030c47.jpg

And group photo!
 photo _MG_1473_zps20e0b5f9.jpg
Yeah we had trouble getting everyone in the frame lol.

I can't feature all the photos taken during the event/everyone that came. But if you'd like to see them, it's up on my Facebook and you can view them here.

Thank you The Muffinry for the venue, SecretBakers for the cake and the minion marshmallows (in case you were wondering!), Julia for planning and my friends who made my 21st birthday party possible. Love you all so much! xxx


  1. Love the dress! Can I ask where's it from? Thks!

    1. It's from Miss Selfridge! And thanks, I love it too! :)

    2. Hello Shanice :) Are you by chance be thinking of selling your dress? Thank you!

  2. Hi Shanice, Nice venue for you 21st. May i know how much was it for the day for the venue and food? And also how am i suppose to book the venue?

    1. Hi Yanrui! Thank you and I'm really sorry cos I can't remember how much I paid for it. :/

      But I do remember that it's one of the most affordable venues amongst the ones I was looking at. And it includes the food as well! If I'm not wrong, you just have to order above a certain amount for the food and you get the venue along with it.

      To book the venue, you just have to let the staff know and they will take it from there! Hope this helps! :)

  3. Hi Shanice, I really like the pictures of your 21st party! May I know if all the photos are taken by Jonathan? (Including the ones taken against the white background) Thank you! (:


    1. Hi Jasmine,

      Thank you! :) All the pictures taken against the white background are by Jonathan. For the event pictures, most are taken by him although some are taken by his assistant. Hope it helps! :)

    2. Okay! Thanks for your reply! (:

    3. Ooops sorry, don't mind me asking one more question. Are the photos edited by yourself?

    4. No worries! And yup the photos are edited by me. :)

  4. Okay thanks again! (:

  5. Hi shanice can I ask what software did you use to edit your photos? They look really beautiful!

    1. Hello! I edit my photos using Adobe Photoshop and/or Lightroom! And thank you :)

  6. Hi! Would like to ask about the charge for the event venue, am looking at the exact same spot for my upcoming 22nd! Do they charge by per hour or by per head?

    1. Hi En,

      If I didn't remember it wrongly, I believe they charge by duration. Not exactly per hour, but more like a lump sum for a 3-4 hr event, includes food and drinks too. Hope it helps! :)

  7. Hi shanice,

    i just booked The Muffinry as my venue for my birthday :) Chanced upon your blog and saw this post! Thank you for sharing btw! Your smile is beautiful! :)

    Rock on!

  8. Hello Shanice,
    I love sunflowers too! Can i ask where you got your sunflowers from?