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Sunday, October 6, 2013

Selfish Gene Cafe x Vintage Cars Exhibition @ Tanjong Pagar Railway Station

I love that my best friend (whom I call Butty, yes don't judge) stays in the same area as I do (only a couple of bus stops away). But on weekdays, she stays at Pulau NTU, which is kinda on the other side of the island and that makes it hard for us to meet, especially when we have our exams/assignments to focus on too. So, I'm really glad that we've been able to have a fair bit of "Butty" time together the past 2 weeks or so (we have her 1-week recess week to thank for!) We had a sleepover to discuss/plan for our Nepal trip at the same time, several weekend dates and a spontaneous Friday night date. Heh.

Anyway! Selfish Gene cafe was one of the cafes we visited, before we went for this vintage cars exhibition thing at the now defunct Tanjong Pagar Railway Station. I had a shoot in the morning and haven't had anything to eat yet, so I was really starving.

 photo IMG_9933_zpsb719bebd.jpg
 photo IMG_9926_zps3132bbf3.jpg
 photo IMG_9952_zpsb8684143.jpg
 photo IMG_9931_zpsdf140c2f.jpg
 photo IMG_9943_zpsde623297.jpg
I can have breakfast for all 3 meals of the day haha. Breakfast's the best meal.

And then we're off to Tanjong Pagar Railway Station! We were like two excited little girls, cos we both adore vintage so much. And I mean c'mon, vintage cars!!!!! 
 photo IMG_9974_zps8697e689.jpg
Top // Love, Bonito
Pants // Topshop
Shoes // ASOS
Bag // Accessorize
Necklaces // Forever 21
Earrings // Lovisa

Would have preferred pairing a satchel with this outfit, but because I had a shoot before this, I needed a big bag to put everything in.
 photo IMG_9968_zps5679bae1.jpg
 photo IMG_9970_zps66e81090.jpg
 photo P1030517_zps57c5a3ec.jpg
 photo P1030519_zps7104ae16.jpg
These two caucasian boys were obviously having a whale of a time throwing the stones into the "well-like thing" hahaha. They were adorable.
 photo P1030520_zps442028b7.jpg

And then finally, we found the vintage cars exhibition area. We were totally squealing with excitement lol. I mean just look at them, THOSE BEAUTIES!!!
 photo P1030540_zpsde08013e.jpg
 photo P1030530_zps466b2828.jpg
 photo P1030531_zps13c30682.jpg
 photo P1030533_zps13725a52.jpg
 photo P1030536_zps6ab7e0ab.jpg
 photo P1030537_zps76ad4995.jpg
 photo P1030539_zps6a300b93.jpg
 photo P1030542_zpsb84f17eb.jpg
And the Kombi!! Hehe. 
 photo P1030543_zpsab1afda0.jpg
 photo P1030547_zps4c7ce04a.jpg
 photo IMG_0002_zps836e5163.jpg
We met the owner of this car who offered to let us take a picture with it. He even told us to stand closer to the car hahaha.


This new week is gonna be one hectic, crazy one for me. Can't wait for Monday and Tuesday to be over. Gosh. Hope you guys had a lovely weekend! xx

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