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Tuesday, November 19, 2013 People's Choice Awards 2013: Vote and stand a chance to win attractive prizes! - think: hotel stays and more! ;) - [ADV]

Who's the Best Home Mortgage Loan Provider in Singapore? What about the Best Home Insurance Provider? The Best Home Furnishing Store? The Best Home Electronics Brand? The Best Home Storage?

You might be thinking: Woah Shanice you're only 21, would you care about all that?? 

Hahaha well. I do, because:

1) My family's moving to a new place soon and although my dad's settling almost everything, I know these are the questions and concerns that one would raise if they're thinking of getting a new place/moving to a new place. 

2) And after all, I myself will probably be the one fussing over all that a couple of years down the road! And you too!

Ok back to what I was saying haha.

Ever wondered or wish you could have a say? Well, you can! People's Choice Awards 2013 is Singapore's ONLY consumer voted real estate and services award!

Nothing beats hearing from the consumers' themselves, don't you think? Their claims would be the most truthful and in their fellow consumer's best interest!

And here's the BEST part! ;) 
Simple vote and you will stand a chance to WIN a hotel stay at one of these hotels! (look! gosh the Movenpick Hotel Mactan Island Cebu Stay looks AMAZING!!)

Voting closes on November 21st, which is this Thursday, so hurry!
(I'm gonna vote IKEA for Best Home Furnishing Store hehehe, I LOVE IKEA! Scandinavian designs are the best!)

Find out who the nominees are/the various award categories and vote here!
You can also take a look at last year's winners here.

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