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Monday, November 11, 2013

Music Monday: Camp Symmetry 2013! (Featuring Last Dinosaurs, San Cisco, Best Coast and Ra Ra Riot!)

Before I begin this post, I would like to say a huge thank you to 7Up Singapore for the VIP pass and media access pass. Thank you SO MUCH! :D

Actually, I already bought a standard ticket for myself when the tickets when on sale, so I just gave that ticket to Fifa! Hehe.


I enjoy concerts, but I enjoy music festivals even more. It's not just about the singing and dancing along with others who enjoy the same music/love the same band as you anymore, there's something else about the atmosphere and the whole vibe of the event that's special. I mean, it's not called a festival for nothing right? Haha.

In Singapore, for those who love indie/alternative music, there are only 2 (or the ones I care about lol) such music festivals - Laneway Festival and Big Night Out. So, I was really thrilled when Symmetry Entertainment announced the "birth" of Camp Symmetry. Symmetry Entertainment has been bringing in lots of amazing bands, some of which I went for, such as The Drums and Carl Barat. I still kick myself for missing Beach Fossils (!!! sigh) and Yacht.

But anyway back to the point, I think Symmetry Entertainment has a pretty impressive "resume" for bands they've brought in thus far. And so with that said, I know that for Camp Symmetry, they'll definitely be bringing in some bands I'd love to catch.

And I was right. Out of the 10 bands, 7 of them were bands I'd love to see perform live. And out of that 7, I was most MOST excited for San Cisco and Last Dinosaurs. I featured both bands in my previous Music Monday feature, if you haven't seen it, it's here.

Ok now, on to the day of the festival!

 photo PB020090_zps02c61573.jpg
In the VIP tent! Or also known as the Spotify lounge.

 photo IMG-20131102-WA0019_zpsa97d3f2f.jpg
 photo PB020041_zpsbceaa6ca.jpg
While Last Dinosaurs was getting ready for their set and doing sound checks, I snuck quite a few shots of Lachlan Caskey hehehe. I mean, he was right in front of me, why not right? Haha.

I know most people like Sean Caskey, the lead singer and his brother, more But I prefer Lachlan Caskey, just watching him do his thing with his guitar live, just *swoons*. So much talent!

 photo PB020043_zps1e33c510.jpg
 photo PB020042_zps9b5bf64b.jpg

And they begin their set!

 photo PB020062_zps60c08284.jpg
I really like this shot of him that I took. Guitar action going on right there lol.

 photo PB020051_zps8373b707.jpg
And here's Sean Caskey! Who's also very charming, both Caskey brothers are.

 photo PB020050_zps7b1383b4.jpg
He's a humorous one too. He told the audience that he's pretty sure his nipples are gonna be seen through his shirt cos of the heat and humidity. Hahahaha.

 photo PB020057_zpsc1bf956a.jpg
And here's the whole band!

And then after them, SAN CISCO!!!! I'm secretly happy both bands were put right after one another hahaha.

 photo PB020083_zps18d706cf.jpg
The lovely Scarlett, who's the drummer for the band!

 photo PB020085_zpsa56ee4bd.jpg
Jordi and Scarlett, my two most favourite persons from the band. And they've been friends since they were children!

 photo PB020074_zps4940ec2f.jpg
And the whole band.

 photo PB020070_zps1c929aec.jpg

After San Cisco's set, we went to walk around the grounds and put some grub in our tummies.

 photo PB020093_zps94dd022f.jpg
I really really thought it was gonna rain that day. Cos for the past few days before the concert, it's pretty much rainy everyday. Even the term "rain" is an understatement lol, more like massive downpour. And I mean, check out those threatening rain clouds!! But you know what, it actually DIDN'T RAIN! At all, for the whole day and night. Fwahhhhh *thumbs up*.

 photo PB020097_zps28a5761b.jpg
With the really awesome Fifa! ;)

 photo PB020098_zpsf038054d.jpg
And Imran!

 photo PB020099_zpse346146b.jpg

Got my media pass, went into the media tent and then got a shot with William Fitzsimmons!
 photo PB020102_zps9959789f.jpg
Check out his beard! Heh.

William Fitzsimmons' the most sincere, genuine, friendly, humble, down-to-earth artist I've ever met and spoken to. Really. He has such an amazing personality, with an equally amazing voice to match. :)

 photo PB020110_zps6a8e0c02.jpg
And with Ra Ra Riot! Look out for a feature on them in my next Music Monday post cos I managed to catch them for the media interview!

On a side note, I've been feeling bummed ever since I missed San Cisco and Last Dinosaurs in the media tent that day. Gahhhhhh. Hope I get to meet them all in person next time. Sigh pie.

And Best Coast!!

 photo PB020117_zps00ab47b3.jpg
 photo PB020119_zpscda3852e.jpg
 photo IMG-20131102-WA0016_zps65789c04.jpg
And a shot with Bethany and Bobb from Best Coast!

Another thing I like about Camp Symmetry, aside from the lineup, is that it REALLY feels like a festival. They brought the fun and games along with the good music too!

Image credit: Nur Amali Effendy, seen on
Image credit: Kenneth, seen on
There's also outdoor ping-pong (courtesy of Fred Perry Singapore) and a bouncy castle which is actually more like bouncy castle race (!!!, you can see that in the foreground of the image by Nur Emali Effendy).

And then the lovely people from 7Up sweetened up the mix with a photobooth! They were also giving out free Lays chips, yay *happy dance!*

Following 3 photos are from 7Up. :)
 photo photo3_zps0f763d82.jpg
 photo photo5_zpsdbbf411f.jpg
 photo photo7_zpsdd71388e.jpg

When night fell, the festival was indeed a pretty sight to behold with all the lights from the concert stage, together with the lights from Gardens by The Bay and the Singapore Flyer as the backdrop.

 photo PB020142_zps639353d3.jpg
 photo PB020144_zps3984eeb2.jpg
And with Irfan, who came after he finished work.

 photo PB020131_zps041d72ab.jpg
See the Singapore Flyer and Gardens by The Bay? Pretty yes?

Oh and did you know, Tim Kek, the person who made all this possible is only 21?! He's my age!

He's also the man behind Symmetry Entertainment. Really kudos to him, he's got my deepest respect - running a company that brings in international acts to our local shores is already something impressive, and now putting together a full-blown indie music festival (and a really good one at that!). Just woah.

I'm looking forward to Camp Symmetry 2014 already, if there's one. I hope there's one! :)

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