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Friday, November 8, 2013

Shunji Matsuo - October 2013 x The Sushi Bar @ Far East Plaza

Before I start this post, I've a little update for you guys! Shunji Matsuo is still the salon taking care of my tresses, BUT, my appointed outlet is now at I*CON Shunji Matsuo by Lily Xu at Far East Plaza!

And because of that, it also means Shenny and I can do our hair together every month yay! Always good to have someone to talk to while having one's hair done lol. So before that, we had our lunch at The Sushi Bar, which is also at FEP. That place is highly raved about by many and we've both yet to try it.

 photo P1030865_zps51f881d6.jpg
All of what we ordered, at a glance!

One thing to note before I continue is that my favourite Japanese restaurant in Singapore thus far, is Chikuwa-Tei. So I will be using Chikuwa-Tei as the benchmark for my review of The Sushi Bar.

I'll always order chawanmushi whenever I dine at a Japanese restaurant. Because 1) I love eggs, I really really do.
2) I don't want raw food (sashimi) to be the first thing that goes into my tummy. 
 photo P1030853_zps8333dc97.jpg
It's decent. The ingredients they have inside is pretty good I must say. But the ingredients compared to Chikuwa-Tei, pales slightly in comparison. However, I think Chiku's costs slightly more, so it's fair I suppose.

 photo P1030859_zpsb7b09f3d.jpg
And we ordered the sashimi platter for 2!

Chikuwa-Tei is has really fresh sashimi, and the slices are THICK so it definitely gives you the best value for your money. The Sushi Bar's sashimi, much to my delight, is comparable to Chiku's! And their slices are pretty thick too. The only qualm I would have is that they don't have scallops in their sashimi menu. I love scallops and gosh, Chikuwa-Tei's scallops are truly sublime.

 photo P1030847_zps82f93ab1.jpg
And of course we had the salmon aburi, it's one of the most popular menu item. And it truly was THE HIGHLIGHT.

 photo P1030843_zps6f12d274.jpg
I've not had something similar at Chiku cos I don't usually order anything from the sushi menu. But oh this was a definite delight for the taste buds. Let's see: the smoky taste of the salmon at the top, combined with the fresh sweetness of the salmon sashimi, refreshing avocado and crabmeat that gives you the "salty" in this combination - pretty damn good.

 photo P1030861_zps4bb28d0a.jpg
I had the Grilled Salmon.

It's different from Chiku's. The sauce is what makes this stand out from other grilled salmons. And THE CRISPY SKIN. Mmmm. Although it's good, I still prefer Chikuwa-Tei's grilled salmon.

 photo P1030864_zps75b36b59.jpg
Shenny had the Sirloin Steak. I don't take beef so I can't comment on this at all hahaha. But judging from Shenny's comments and her reaction to this dish, I'd say it's a thumbs up! She loves it.

 photo P1030871_zps8b5fb4a7.jpg
And after making our tummies happy, we're off to the salon!


Shunji Matsuo invited me to try their Chic Brown Colour Service, which is a collaboration between them and L'Oréal Professionnel's Parisian Brown Collection.

Chic Brown is inspired by the Parisian women's natural beauty and effortlessly chic style. Their secret? Alluring rich brown hair! It's a timeless sophisticated colour that matches all skin tones, whether you're fair or dark. Which is also why they hardly seem over-the-top/too loud with their style, it's always subtly romantic and sensual at the same time.

 With that said, what makes Shunji Matsuo's Chic Brown Colour Service different is that it is perfectly adapted to Asian hair and our skin tone. As with buying the right foundation shade for someone with pink undertones or yellow undertones, the right hair colour works the same way!

I'm pinching myself for forgetting to snap a shot of the Chic Brown hair colour chart Lawrence showed me. Dammit. Cos I was kinda excited over the many pretty shades of brown, I don't know which to pick! In the end, I left it to Lawrence to decide. I believe he would know better which colour suits me best.

Btw, meet my new stylist, Lawrence! (The guy in red)
 photo P1030873_zps4090e9d9.jpg
 photo P1030872_zpsdf98c16e.jpg
In the process of colouring!

 photo P1030874_zps0f7ad33d.jpg
Was passing Shenny her phone back when I took this hahaha.

 photo P1030879_zps774d8912.jpg
Shenny having treatment done to her hair, while I was very much intrigued by that inflated "hair cap"(I don't know how to call it lol) thing.

But then after my new hair colour's done, it was my turn to do it too! Here's the treatment we both did.
 photo P1030881_zps8b4a2ed9.jpg
Will tell you guys more about this treatment next time!

 photo P1030882_zps8a8ee8a6.jpg
And my turn to be in that lol.

 photo P1030888_zpsa53cda96.jpg
Almost done now!

 photo P1030893_zps5d53e0ce.jpg
With Lawrence! Just speaking to him for the first 15 mins and I already know my tresses are in good hands. Heh.

 photo P1030896_zps2db9c2e1.jpg
And with Shenny!

After that, I went off for the dinner with Mr George Yeo.
 photo IMG-20131021-WA0023_zps0bd92fbd.jpg
As some of you may know, I'm also a writer for and that's how I got to meet Mr Yeo. It was a real pleasure meeting and speaking with him and the other writers.

Oh and the L'Oréal bag I'm carrying in the photo above? This is what's inside!
 photo PB070156_zpsfa6d0d69.jpg
Hair goodness right there!! Thank you L'Oréal and Shunji Matsuo! Hehe. I've been using them everyday since I got it!

 photo PB060150_zps4f472c37.jpg
Oh and this is a more accurate/easy to see photo of my new hair colour! Look at the right side (of my hair) of this picture though, it's more accurate cos on the left, you can see my room's warm light "reflecting" on my hair lol. This picture is raw, with no edits at all to the colour tone to show you guys the true colour! :)

And with you guys were wondering, this was my previous hair colour!
 photo 20130912_075409_zps26d42719.jpg
This was taken with my phone, which explains the difference in quality ah lol.
Can see the difference in the hair colour right?? I love both very much though. And of course, my new hair colour makes me hair look super healthy!

On a side note, I really wish you guys can touch/feel my hair right now lol cos it's really soft. Hardly dry at all, hardly! And to think I've been colouring my hair almost every month, but my tresses are still in a pretty healthy state! So thank you Shunji Matsuo, for taking such good care of my hair and pampering my hair every month.


I*CON Shunji Matsuo by Lily Xu
Far East Plaza #01-35,
14 Scotts Road, Singapore 228213
Tel: 6737 5311

Like I*CON Shunji Matsuo by Lily Xu's (my appointed salon) Facebook page here to get updates instantly! Give 'em some love! xx

You can also follow Shunji Matsuo (@shunjimatsuo) on Instagram for instant updates and promotions!

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