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Monday, December 23, 2013

Bimba Y Lola SS14 Collection [Media Preview]

 photo PB280481_zps225ade94.jpg

Kooky Spanish import Bimba & Lola presented its Spring/Summer 2014 collection inspired by avant-garde artist Maruja Mallo’s body of work. Based off her 1952 piece “Sirenas” (Mermaids), the collection draws from the inventive, rebellious painter who fronted the Art Deco movement.

Prints are drawn from the streets of Miami with its strong Art Deco influence: the plants along its colourful avenues, the spirited graffiti adorning its buildings, and the mermaids at Weeki Wachee Theme Park are notable motifs throughout the collection.

Geometric shapes, and a fascination with symmetry are translated into Bimba & Lola’s silhouettes, structures and cuts while this season’s textures and jewelry revolves around the thematic feature of life at sea that resonates around Mallo’s artwork.

And I shall let the pictures do the rest of the talking (or most of it haha).

 photo PB280479_zps742c51ef.jpg
 photo PB280480_zps5420121b.jpg
 photo PB280470_zpsbcee5783.jpg
 photo PB280497_zpsa3ba1911.jpg
 photo PB280473_zpsb8b45bf7.jpg
This leather jacket caught my eye. I love how it's feminine with a hint of ruggedness, so different from the usual leather jackets we see!

 photo PB280477_zps48d5fa25.jpg
And both of these tops too.
 photo PB280474_zps6267014e.jpg

And accessories galore! They're very playful and very quirky!
 photo PB280487_zpsc4fa23a9.jpg
If there's ever a film adaptation for "The Little Mermaid", these accessories would be perfect haha.

 photo PB280489_zpsbddea581.jpg
 photo PB280491_zps4da3ec64.jpg
Probably the most wearable/ready-to-wear necklace, which is a very beautiful piece too!

 photo PB280494_zps21c22c67.jpg
A lobster bracelet, how cute!

 photo PB280496_zps05f85e0c.jpg
And a mermaid bracelet too!


And the boyfriend was my plus one for the night. :)
 photo PB280508_zps174175dd.jpg
 photo PB280510_zpsfc91aa85.jpg
 photo PB280524_zps1708d22b.jpg
 photo PB280502_zpscaa63666.jpg
 photo PB280503_zps2252b4a6.jpg

Thank you Bimba Y Lola for the invitation and for having me at the event. :) On a side note, Bimba & Lola will now be known as Bimba Y Lola!

The SS14 Collection will be available in stores from February 2014 onwards.

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