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Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Black Box October Review [ADV]

Have you heard of Black Box? Well if you haven't, then you're missing out!

 photo PB220253_zpsaa19fbd8.jpg

Black Box is the first free unisex lifestyle sampling box in Singapore. Each month, it brings to you a box of pleasant surprises coupled with loads of fun, rewards and a healthy dose of curiosity satisfied – without costing a fraction of a penny. (it's free basically!)

Not only does Black Box gives you opportunities to sample products, it also allows you to sample lifestyle treats via Black Box Vouchers like these ones in this zipper pouch!
 photo PB220257_zpsdbac6826.jpg

I know that the Black Box team is constantly on the lookout for exquisite shopping/spa/dining deals and discounts to share with Black Box subscribers so it will be a boxful of goodness every month! And since they also want to provide an all-rounded sampling experience, you will not find 2 different moisturisers or hand cream samples in the same Black Box, because otherwise how would you know which to try out first right?

To me, Black Box is like a monthly boxful of surprise filled with goodness. I'm a sucker for surprises (good ones la). I love them.

Okay here's what in the November edition of Black Box.

 photo PB220256_zps1dca534d.jpg

And here's all the items at a glance!
 photo PB220260_zps8ceebfec.jpg

From top left:

GlucosCare Tea
- Zappy Sampler Pack
- Nuxe Brightening BB Cream
- Darlie Enamel Protect Toothpaste

From bottom left: 

- Lovemore Eye Patch
- Bifesta Cleansing Lotion and Makeup Remover Wipes
- VDL CC Cream

 photo PB220271_zps3c6cec0d.jpg
Glucos Care Tea
Specially formulated using all natural plants, it helps the health conscious to lower their sugar level

We all know that sugar is bad! But the thing is, a lot of things that we eat nowadays are high in sugar content. Like rice, yes rice which is kinda like a staple in most of our meals. All of us eat rice! So this tea is great for everyone! Oh and plus, this tea also helps in digestion and slimming! ;)

Where to buy:  Guardian, Watson, Unity, OG, FairPrice, Mustafa & Chinese medical halls.   
Price: A box of 24 sachets @ $15, box of 60 sachets @ $35

Zappy Sampler Pack
 photo PB240389_zps34780975.jpg
I mentioned in my previous blog post that I attended Urbanscapes, a music and creative arts festival in Kuala Lumpur right? You have no idea how the Zappy Sampler Pack came in handy haha. I know they would, so I specially packed it in a little pouch hehe. (see above)

 photo PB240393_zps6a92cd34.jpg
The weather was so remarkably warm and humid! Thank goodness they had a chill-out lounge (it's basically an air-conditioned tent with some pretty cool/fun stuff). So after we've had enough of the heat, we thought it's time to cool down and freshen up a little.

 photo PB240397_zps5e9a3996.jpg
It wasn't exactly after sports but aiya same la haha, still perspired alot! See the "Smell Fresh, Feel Fresh" statement? Yes that was exactly what I needed.

 photo PB240407_zps20c509f9.jpg
 photo PB240411_zps1f4e7bfc.jpg
Now I smell fresh and feel fresh, yay!

Next was the sunscreen wipes! When I saw it, I was like wahhhhh I didn't know there's something like that! Haha.
 photo PB240410_zpsd47f73a6.jpg
Sure beats bringing the entire bottle of sunscreen around with you and it's so thin, which means it hardly takes up any space in your bag. And plus, it's not messy to use at all! Application is easy!

 photo PB240416_zpseaec6bec.jpg

And then lastly, the insect repellent wipe. I swear lol, this Zappy pack is awesome if you're gonna be outdoors. Like under the sun or engaging in a very outdoorsy kind of activity.

Ok to me, I only care if it's effective in preventing mosquitos from choosing me as their target. That's all that matters. Those pesky little annoying bloodsuckers. Hahaha.
 photo PB240423_zps63aad505.jpg
Not a very huge sheet compared to the previous two!
 photo PB240421_zps75b2ea15.jpg
Yeah I spammed a lot more on my legs haha cos that's usually where I get bitten.

And there, I'm ready to head out to explore the rest of the festival grounds again!

Awhile later, when it's time for dinner! My hands are definitely not clean and it's hard to eat the chicken with a plastic fork. But there's no need to fret cos I have the antiseptic & antibacterial wipe! Heh.

 photo PB240432_zpsc94d1a83.jpg
 photo PB240433_zps989ceb7b.jpg
Dirty hands!

 photo PB240435_zpsd4ddf174.jpg
 photo PB240436_zps50640212.jpg
Smelling it lol. And yes, I like the smell.

 photo PB240438_zps9ded61d0.jpg
And cleaning my hands. Now I'm ready to dig in!

 photo PB220268_zpsde175253.jpg
What's in the Zappy Sampler Pack :)

Where to buy:  NTUC, Giant, Cold Storage, Unity and Guardian.

Price: $2 - $5.50 per pack

Zappy Sun System Sunscreen Wipes - 6pcs/box
Zappy After-Sports Wipes - 8pcs/box
Zappy Insect Repellent Wipes - 8 pcs/pkt
Zappy boy Alcohol Wipes - 10pcs/pkt

Zappy boy Antiseptic Wipes - 10pcs/pkt

I also brought the Bifesta Cleansing Lotion and Makeup Remover Wipes and the Darlie Enamel Protect Toothpaste along with me for the trip. 

For Bifesta, I'm already a user of their products, especially the ones for removing makeup. So trust me when I say it's a very good brand! I wear waterproof mascara everyday and most people ask me: "Isn't it difficult to remove??" My answer: "Nope!" It's just about getting the right eye makeup remover. With Bifesta, it's extremely easy and it doesn't leave your eye area feeling oily or leave a layer of something. 

The Bifesta Cleasing Lotion doesn't just thoroughly remove your makeup & dirt, it also contains Green Tea Extract for Pore Tightening. PORE TIGHTENING ah, that's the main keyword for me hahaha.

The Bifesta Makeup Remover Wipes works just like the cleansing lotion, just that it's in wipes form. Love it!

Where to buy:  Selected Watsons, Guardian, SaSa, Fairprice, Nishino pharmacy and Meidiya.
Price: 300ml @ $16.90

Darlie Enamel Protect Toothpaste
Darlie Enamel Protect shields, seals and strengthens tooth enamel for healthier teeth. Available in both Original Strong Mint and Mild Mint

It's not my first time using Darlie, I actually alternate between this brand and another. Those 2 brands are the only toothpaste brands I'll use lol.

Where to buy: All leading supermarkets and pharmacies.
Price: 200g @ $3.55

Ok for the other products:

Nuxe Brightening BB Cream
Prolong your brightening action and perfect your complexion with the Brightening BB Cream SPF 30 PA+++ which instantly unifies your complexion and diminishes the appearance of dark spots, beautifies and moisturises.

The keyword here? SPF 30! Hahaha. Ok but I have mixed feelings about this. The smell is ok I suppose, but a friend of mine doesn't like it. The consistency is also kinda thick, which means it's very moisturizing so if you have oily skin,this product might not be for you. Also, since this BB cream only comes in one shade and I'm quite fair, it's a little dark on me cos it's a medium-orangey yellow kinda shade. But I think this BB cream will be good when I head to the beach cos 1) It's SPF 30! 2) The slightly darker shade will add some warmth and colour to my face like a tan lol. Just nice.

Where to buy: Robinsons, John Little, Beauty by nature and selected stores at Watsons, Guardian, BHG, Sasa, Metro and Unity.
Price: 30ml @ $58

Lovemore Eye Patch

I've reviewed Lovemore products more than once on my blog so I believe you're no stranger to this brand. :)

This is a Collagen Eye Firming Patch which we all should use, because we stare at our laptops/computers and mobile phones for almost the entire day. And our eyes are susceptible to fine lines, wrinkles and sagging.

Where to buy:, BHG, SaSa
Price: Box of 5 sheets @ $11.90

VDL CC Cream

VDL is one of the most popular Korean Cosmetics brand in Korea. And this product sure doesn't disappoint. It doesn't feel heavy on the skin, and my skin still looks natural ( like I have nothing on my skin) And it makes my skin look luminous and fresh, no more dull looking skin!

Where to buy: Suntec City #02-338/339, Jurong Point (Opening Soon), Bedok Mall (Opening Soon), Bugis Junction (Opening Soon)
Price: 40ML @ $50


Want to receive a new edition of Black Box every month? 

Simply subscribe at and and key in “ShaniceBB” in the referrer code column and stand a chance to receive your very own FREE Black Box!

Also, do “like” Black Box's Facebook Page here because they have exciting Giveaway Fridays and they announce their latest promotions on their Facebook page! (which you will want to be a part of!)

If you like the sample(s) and would love to have the full sized item(s), simply complete a survey on the samples you've received and submit it to Black Box via an online link within a limited period of time and you will stand a chance!


Also, Black Box’s website ( has recently gotten a facelift!

With the enhanced features of our new website, you can have more control over your Black Box subscription by logging in through our website using your user ID & Password.

If you are currently a Black Box subscriber,
you will have received your user ID & Password in your email.

Exciting Black Box features:

ü  Black Box Subscription/Eligibility Status (real-time)
ü   New Balloting system for redemption of Free Black Boxes.
ü   Update your subscription details
ü   Purchase Exclusive Black Boxes
ü   Secure your Free Black Boxes by paying for your own courier fee

Eligibility to receive Black Box is dependent on:

1.              Balloting. Every Black Box subscriber will have 1 chance at balloting for October Black Box. You can ballot for October Black Box here.
2.              Securing your Black Box by paying your own courier fee of $6 here.


Fun Fact:
Black Box has sent out more than 13,500 FREE Black Boxes right to the doorsteps of our subscribers to surprise and entice them with an all-rounded sampling experience & useful vouchers with lifestyle deals and discounts since we first launched our 1st edition in February 2013!

They've also conducted more than 26 rounds weekly giveaways via Giveaway Friday on their Facebook Fan Page!

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