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Sunday, December 22, 2013

d' Good Cafe: A Brand New Coffee Experience - Blend & Brew the way you like it

 photo PC100607_zps618e320d.jpg
Before this visit and invitation by d' Good Cafe,  I've already been hearing raves about this cafe tucked away in Holland Village. And now that I've visited it and tried what their menu has to offer, d' Good Cafe is now one of my top favourite cafes in Singapore.

About the cafe

They're called d' Good Cafe because they want to offer customers everything good - from a good cup of coffee to good service, food and ambience. If you're dissatisfied with your cup of coffee, you could request for a change and they would gladly brew you a new cup.

This 95-seater cafe features a laidback yet chic interior with two levels in four different settings - The Bar, The Lawn, The Attic and The Balcony.

The Bar is where coffee enthusiasts can sit and chat with their baristas. The Lawn gives visitors a relaxing place to chill while The Attic allows customers to shift the tables and chairs around to suit their party size; it's also child-friendly with high chairs, rocking horses, bean bags and super cuddly teddy bears. The Balcony is a charming sitting area for those who prefer to go alfresco.

P.S: Both The Attic and The Balcony are available for rent for private and corporate events.

 photo PC100609_zps17a0f010.jpg
I love bikes and I love flowers. So I really like this bike adorned with those cheery-looking flowers by The Bar. So very pretty!

 photo PC100608_zps99d142e7.jpg
 photo PC100545_zps28df142f.jpg
Left: Hazelnut Caramel Latte (mine)
Right: Flat White (my plus one - my BFF)

My best friend and I have known each other since we were 13. And we are also the perfect example of opposites attract lol. But of course, we do have some things in common, like our wanderlust desires, music tastes (kinda!) and some design styles (like the Moroccan design aesthetics)

And back to the point of opposites attract, I obviously like my coffee mild and sweet haha, while she likes it strong and as original as possible.
 photo PC100549_zps37f86811.jpg
 photo PC100557_zps4a4d875f.jpg
 photo PC100587_zpsa66cf19c.jpg
Earl-Lavender Tea Latte
I'm a huge fan of Earl Grey, so I was quite excited at trying this concoction for it's not something you see very often, if at all! However, as someone who is NOT a fan of milk, I found that this had too strong a milk taste for my liking. But if you like milk (the rich, dairy taste), then you'll like this.

 photo PC100566_zpsefcc47e7.jpg
 photo PC100569_zpsada3205a.jpg
Mushroom Quiche
 photo PC100575_zpsb3c9779d.jpg
 photo PC100578_zpsc75ee78c.jpg
And the Dutch Ice Drip which was most interesting! It's like coffee and wine together. You can really taste and smell both. This was of course too strong for me la, but not for my BFF. She loves it. So if you love your coffee strong, this is a must-try!

 photo PC100580_zps30357d0a.jpg
Earl-Berry Cooler
Oooh I love this! Very refreshing and not too sweet on the taste buds.

 photo PC100560_zpse80e5e91.jpg
Fresh Sea Prawn Aglio Olio

 photo PC100563_zps1723e82a.jpg
Fresh Sea Prawn Arrabiata

I LOVE BOTH PASTAS. Really, the pastas are perfect - texture of the noodles aren't too soft and neither too hard, prawns are very sweet and fresh and both dishes definitely tantalises the taste buds! It's like a delightful explosion of flavours in your mouth. If you prefer something with a wetter consistency, go for the Arrabiata, if not go for the Aglio Olio!

 photo PC100574_zpsce677b8f.jpg

I love the swings which literally allows you to watch the day go by while you chill with a good cup of coffee (or other drinks), food and amazing cakes (the cakessss!!).

 photo PC100591_zps3b48e839.jpg
 photo PC100592_zpsbed3fb4e.jpg
Brought my Nikon F3 along with me that day! It was a gift from the boyfriend because I told him I wanted to try my hands at film photography, something I've been wanting to try for awhile now but didn't have the time to really get down to it. To me, digital photography can never replace film photography. I love film! Will be sharing with you two shots from that day using the film camera in the later part of this post hehe.

 photo PC100597_zpsce1c42d2.jpg
 photo PC100600_zps8af3a0d4.jpg
d' Good Triplet Cheesecake

If you were wondering, the triplet includes oreo, chocolate and cheese. You can't go wrong with oreo, chocolate and cheese. Delightfully sinful.

 photo PC100598_zps55522fc9.jpg
d' Good Forest Berries Cheesecake

Made from blending cheese with cranberries and topped with fresh blueberries, cranberries, raspberries and blackberries. I love fruits, which extends to fruity stuff. This cake was the perfect combination between the luxurious texture of the cheesecake and the fruity, refreshing berry taste cos you know sometimes a cheesecake can be quite heavy on the taste buds.

 photo PC100599_zps3b1a65f9.jpg
d' Good Maple Sea Salt Cheesecake

They're the first to create this and boy am I glad they did! This was sublime!! Goodness me, I had the first bite before my BFF and you should have seen my reaction/expression. She did and immediately went for a bite. Just WHOA, you HAVE to try it cos trying to describe this cake with words would do it injustice.

All three cakes were amazing, we loved all of them. But if we had to choose our favourite, it would be the Maple Sea Salt Cheesecake.

 photo PC100614_zpsf3a0bf4d.jpg
And check out the Jumbo Frappe which is 3 litres huge!

 photo PC100615_zps438bc15b.jpg
Against my hand. It's ginormous man hahaha. It's only for birthdays though, and it has to be on the actual day. Customers will need to show their ID and they only need to pay the price of a large frappe to get the Jumbo Frappe.

And we got to try the custom blend coffee! After all, the best cup of coffee is one that is exactly the way you like it. Did you know that d' Good Cafe sources their own coffee beans from around the world and roast them daily at the cafe?

We were asked to fill in the customer's preference survey before proceeding with the cupping and the blend & brew. Cupping involves determining the type of beans that will be used for blending. According to the preferences you've indicated in your survey, the barista will chose 3 suitable single origin beans which you will be asked to smell and taste.

 photo PC100611_zpse201920b.jpg
 photo PC100612_zpsb4708186.jpg

Then when you've decided which beans you like most (or not like at all), the barista will adjust accordingly (like the percentage of each type of bean in your custom blend) and then he/she can start the brewing process!

 photo PC100621_zps7c605304.jpg
 photo PC100630_zpsc4fd6139.jpg
Here's my cup of custom blend coffee.

And my BFF with hers.
 photo PC100636_zps09009e18.jpg
Again, both our custom blend coffees were complete opposites lol. After trying hers, mine just tasted bland. Cos like I mentioned before, she likes hers strong while I like mine mild.

You also get to name your own blend so we named ours Butty 1.0 (mine) and Butty 4.0 (hers) hahaha. Butty is actually the name we call each other, there's a story on how that name came about but I'm not gonna go into that. 1.0 cos mine is like the weaker version while hers in the stronger one, and hence, 4.0 lol.

 photo PC100633_zpsc8b25641.jpg
I ordered a cup of Earl Grey tea after as well, and I love that their sugar comes in a stick form instead of the usual sachets.

 photo PC100639_zps4372eac3.jpg
The stairway to access The Attic and The Balcony. This instalment is adorable.

 photo PC100637_zps72c87ccf.jpg
And here's The Balcony! Gotta love fairylights.

And here's the 2 shots I took using my film camera. No editing done at all!
 photo F1000031_zps6b5e7030.jpg
 photo F1000032_zpsf45e18c7.jpg
Favourite shot out of the entire roll. Such sexy depth of field.


Would like to thank d' Good Cafe and Street Directory Singapore for the invitation. I had the most lovely time. :)

d' Good Cafe is located at 273 Holland Avenue #02-01/02 Singapore 278992

Tel: 6219 9807

Opening Hours:
Sunday to Thursday - 10am to 10pm
Friday & Saturday - 10am to 11pm

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