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Friday, December 6, 2013

Shopperboard: Online Shopping Made Social - Helping you organise all your online shopping needs in one place! [ADV]

If you are a regular online shopper, trust me, you NEED to come onboard Shopperboard if you haven't already! It's a brilliant tool/platform to help you organise all your online shopping needs in one place, and plus it makes online shopping a social activity!

Ok, think of it like Pinterest, but for online shopping. Now how does that work/help?

Have you ever opened lots of tabs while shopping on say, Forever 21 for example? For example: while browsing, about 15 products caught your interest and you opened them as tabs, and after shortlisting what you need to get, you end up with a window that looks something like this:

And what if, you can't make your purchases now. Maybe you're at work, or maybe you want to continue browsing more? Leaving a window like this open (at work especially), isn't very convenient right?

Alternatively, you could also copy and paste the links of each product and send an email to yourself, or bookmark each page but, both ways don't let you see what each of the products are. Unless you open up all the links, AGAIN. 

How about a way to see all the items you're thinking of getting, at a glance? So for example, if you want to shortlist it further, it's so much easier! 

How do you do that? Simple. 

First, sign up for a Shopperboard account here.

Then, make sure you get the "Add to Board" button so it makes it easier to organise your online shopping wishlist/to-buy list. It's just like Pinterest and their "Pin" button. 

And after that, you're all ready to start pinning! When you see something you like, just click the "Add to Board" button and follow the steps like adding the product to the correct board > adding in your description/why you like the item, the type of product category it falls under and even the price! 

So, go ahead and create several boards. For me, I have 6 boards so far:

  1. Accessories
  2. Eye Candy - Sunglasses
  3. For the Home & Office
  4. Blogshops (Singapore)
  5. International Labels
  6. Shoes
I think I will also create a board for things I'd love to have but are too expensive hahahahaha. Since I can't own the physical piece, having the virtual item to look at constantly is good enough I suppose? 


Ok now, how about the social side of this platform?

Shopperboard helps you to discover alot more products. For example, from brands you didn't know existed, or products you might have missed out. 

It also allows you to follow other shoppers with a similar style to you. If you love floral printed stuff/gold/vintage items for example, you can follow the hashtag and through that, find other users with the same taste! They might help you discover more products/brands!

Example of the hashtag page for #floral

You can also follow online stores/brands. For example: Forever21 and local blogshops like and

Basically, Shopperboard also allows you to curate your personal style/things you would wear and you can share them with other online shoppers. So, if they like your style/taste in things, they can follow you. And vice versa. It allows you, as an online shopper, to share the things you discover with many others. Good things must share right?

And well, speaking of which, Christmas is coming!!! And Shopperboard is having a Christmas Giveaway - they are letting you win EVERYTHING in your Christmas wishlist. 

Yes, you read that right. Everything. (!!!)

Just follow these 6 simple steps:

#2: Like & Share their contest post. Tagging your friends in the comments section is optional but doing that gives you +1 chances (up to max. 10 friends)
#3: Sign up for your FREE account on
#4: Create a Board titled exactly like this - ShopperBoard Christmas 2013. If it’s misspelt, they might not be able to find your Board for judging.
#5: Save AT LEAST SIX (6) of your favourite items onto that Board (you can re-save from others on ShopperBoard OR be original and add items from any online store using the BoardButton here)
#6: Hashtag your items #christmas so others can discover your wish list as well :)
WINNERS: 3 shoppers who have the most creative and beautiful Christmas Boards will win EVERYTHING** in it!
**Each winner will be given up to $100 each to spend on buying their favourite items inside the Christmas Board. The ShopperBoard Santa will then personally deliver your wish list to your house! (Not down the chimney of course… unless you really have one)
1) SHARE your Christmas Board URL on your Facebook and @mention Shopperboard's Facebook Page in the post, stating: “I want to win everything in my ShopperBoard for Christmas!” (Remember to set to PUBLIC if not they can’t see it)
2) INSTAGRAM a screenshot of your Christmas Board and tag them @shopperboard for them to find you. Also include the text “I want to win everything in my ShopperBoard for Christmas!”
See y'all on Shopperboard, happy shopping! :)



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