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Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Shunji Matsuo - November 2013: Shiseido Aqua Intensive Hair Treatment

I'm very thankful to have Shunji Matsuo taking care of my tresses and making them look good. You know the feeling when you've finally found a salon/hairstylist you can trust? Like you can have your eyes shut the whole time without worry because you know that everything will go fine (and well). That feeling is like hitting the jackpot, don't you think so too?

This month, I decided to give my tresses the full pampering (which means no colouring/perming) - just the hair treatment! And Lawrence, my stylist, recommended that I could try the Shiseido Aqua Intensive treatment for damaged hair. 

I remember the Shunji Matsuo x Shiseido Bloggers Party some time back, they gave us all bloggers the shampoo and conditioner for coloured hair and that was when I tried Shiseido hair products for the first time (I never knew Shiseido had hair products too). And my goodness, THEY SMELL AMAZING. Utterly amazing! Washing my hair has never made me feel so good lol, I'm serious though. I love things that smell nice, they put me in a good mood. So, imagine starting my morning bathing/immersed/surrounded in the remarkably lovely fragrance from my own shampoo and conditioner! That's just brilliant haha. 

So when Lawrence suggested Shiseido, I was all for it already. No need to say anymore hahaha. 

 photo PB210190_zpsaa97bec5.jpg
 photo PB210191_zpsd1b26bb5.jpg
 photo PB210192_zps84dd8139.jpg 
The treatment process
 photo PB210193_zps38db247a.jpg
 photo PB210195_zpsa3ce0316.jpg 
Honestly, I think that inflatable thingy is just fascinating to look at and have on. 

 photo PB210197_zps1c98429b.jpg 

And all doneeeee!
 photo PB210207_zps45aa110d.jpg 
Look look: Airy, bouncy, healthy hair!! 
 photo PB210198_zps829eed4e.jpg 
I really love how my hair looks, feels and smells after the treatment. And that means, happy me! Just nice for date night with the boy after hehe.  
 photo PB210211_zps8dfc7bd4.jpg 
And with Shenny! We can't have our hair together next month though. Cos I'll be flying off to Nepal and she's having her appointment early.
 photo PB210213_zpsb5990f55.jpg 

From left: Lily Xu, Shenny, me and Lawrence (my stylist)

P.S: Centre parting or side parting (like in the above pictures?)


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