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Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Sponsored Review: Vichy Normaderm Hyaluspot & Vichy Tri-Activ Moisturizer - Goodbye imperfections, Hello clear skin!

 photo PB220285_zps5ca9901c.jpg

I've always had a good impression of Vichy, which I think is probably because I have an aunt who raved about the brand. So I've always wanted to try their skincare products but never really got down to it lol. I think it's partially also cos I get sent skincare products from other brands too and when they are good (work on me), I just continue using them la hahaha why not right?

But thanks to Vichy Singapore, I finally got the chance to try out their products. Yay! And not only that, the lovely people at Vichy sent the products to me in a very nice tin box packaging too! (see above) 

 photo PB220298_zpsa6301e65.jpg
Left: Vichy Normaderm Hyaluspot
Right: Vichy Tri-Activ Moisturizer

And in the box, there were also these cards which were all held together by a prettily tied ribbon.
 photo PB220294_zps849a135f.jpg

These are all very common things we hear about our skin, don't we! I loved how informative these cards were cos on the flipside, there's an explanation that debunks these myths.

Before I talk about the two products, I'd like to share with you the Vichy Online Skin Diagnosis, which can be done from the Vichy Singapore website. I think you would find this online diagnosis test interesting and useful. So go ahead and do yours! :)

These are some of there questions asked:

And here's my results. I exaggerated some issues/conditions on my face though just to see what it recommends/says hahaha.

Try it!

Ok and now, on to the products hehe.

Vichy Tri-Activ Moisturiser
 photo PB220301_zpse4dd5fe9.jpg
A light, oil free daily hydrating moisturiser that target 6 signs of skin imperfections for visibly clearer skin.

Skin type: Combination, oily and imperfection-prone skin
Skin Concern: Pimples, Dilated pores, redness, acne scars, uneven complexion, shine 

This is one of their bestsellers and I can see why. And on a related note, I could pretty much check off majority of the the skin concerns listed above lol. 

 photo PB220300_zpsfa55164b.jpg
This moisturiser goes on really smoothly and my skin feels very comfortable in it. The finish's kinda velvety and it leaves my skin looking matte-ish (perfect cos I like my skin matte but not entirely matte, if you get what I mean?), and I love the scent!

Vichy Tri-Activ Moisturizer
 photo PB220302_zps2dc4f914.jpg
 photo PB220303_zps4a19a203.jpg
Targeted acne spot treatment that eliminates 99.9% pimple-causing bacteria in 2 hours. Pimples disappear from 48 hours.

Skin type: Combination, Oily
Skin Concern: Pimple spots, Oily and Acne-prone skin

I don't really have acne problems but I do have the occasional breakouts and when I get them, I want them to vanish from my face asap. I tried this product when one annoying zit popped out on my chin and when I woke up the next morning, it's visibly smaller and less red. It works pretty fast and it smells good too. I love products that smell nice, extra plus point.


I'm actually very satisfied with these two Vichy products. VERY satisfied, I love them! I think I should try the other products in the Vichy Normaderm range. You should too!

Check them out at their website here, and/or LIKE them on Facebook here for instant updates! Cheers to good skin! :)

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