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Wednesday, December 25, 2013

Urbanscapes 2013 x Franz Ferdinand

 photo PB240347_zps67342dde.jpg
I have Nylon Magazine Singapore to thank for this. Lucky me won a pair of tickets from their Twitter giveaway contest hehe. I decided to bring Tse Lyn, a fellow indie music lover whom I met through blogging (yeap she's a blogger too! she blogs here)

Since the concert/festival tickets were free, Tse Lyn and I wanted to spend as little as possible for this trip. So we didn't splurge on our accommodation. It was cheap and decent, although it was situated in a really obscure corner that even the local cabbies had difficulty locating it. We took Jetstar there because Jetstar flies to KLIA and not KLCC. It's easier to get to KL Sentral from KLIA with the KL Sentral Express train service, and very quick too!

 photo PB230346_zpsbf0c6464.jpg
On the KL Sentral Express!

We only reached the concert venue on Day 1 at night so I didn't take any pictures. But I took a lot on Day 2! Heh.

 photo PB240455_zps5689e59d.jpg
Urbanscapes was unlike any other music festivals we have in Singapore thus far. It was like a concert x flea market x arts festival mashed into one. And it was amazing, I hope we have something like this in Singapore in the near future! Would be brilliant, although I know we do not have the luxury of space here. The venue grounds for Urbanscapes were huge!

Love the selection of food there too!
 photo PB240351_zps29bccd21.jpg
 photo PB240353_zps0c6ccb2c.jpg
It was so ridiculously warm and humid that day, we had like 4 or 5 popsicles hahahaha. 
 photo PB240447_zps06390c75.jpg
 photo SAM_6712_zpseb9de1eb.jpg
 photo SAM_6738_zps79884dd1.jpg
Trying to get the sun into our frame too.

 photo SAM_6726_zps2a77f373.jpg
I love backlit shots.

 photo SAM_6735_zps1a277865.jpg
 photo Photo28-11-13114709pm_zps72560335.jpg
Posted these two images on my Instagram already! (follow me @silvergrandeur!)
 photo Photo28-11-1365011pm_zps13dd922b.jpg
 photo PB240453_zps4ecd1334.jpg
 photo Photo29-11-13120139am_zpsd0471ea1.jpg
 photo Photo26-11-1314344am_zps88de0f96.jpg

And time for the concert to begin and my highlight of the whole festival - FRANZ FERDINAND!!!!
 photo Photo24-11-1394927pm_zps1b89a197.jpg
 photo 20131124_225641_zps6f8301a5.jpg
 photo 20131124_225655_zpse882d5d6.jpg
 photo 20131124_221406_zpsa6c471b7.jpg

They were beyond brilliant, especially the band's drum solo to finish off an incredible set. Everyone was on the drums, together! How cool is that?!

Aaaaaaaaand we got lucky! We ran into the rhythm guitarist from the band, Nick McCarthy!!!! We had our backs to him and he was sitting on a couch behind us, so we had absolutely no idea! Until we realised that several people kept coming up to him to have their pictures taken and we were like OH OMG. Hahahahaha.

So of course, we went up to him to get our pictures taken too. ;)
 photo 20131125_011331_zps59e45adc.jpg

Would like to give a special shoutout to Aloft Hotel KL for their amazing hospitality and generosity although we didn't stay there.

They allowed us to leave our luggages with them after we checked out of our hotel on the morning of Day 2 so we could go to the festival/concert with ease. Not only that, we actually lounged around their lobby from 12am to 5.30am while waiting for the first train out to KLIA after the concert was over (that's also where we ran into the guitarist). Aloft is right beside the KL Sentral Express station, so it's very convenient! And also cos, we wanted to use their wifi lol.

Their lobby area had this really awesome food and refreshments area that looks like someone's kitchen/pantry of a very nicely done up office. Here's a picture of how it looks like, which I got from their website.
Nice right!!

 We got hungry while waiting of course, so I got instant noodles and an apple (which was complimentary!) Also got really good service from the hotel staff so *thumbs up!* And they also have 2 iMacs for guests to use there. Awesome or what.

So yes, thank you so much Aloft Hotel KL. :)


Back to Urbanscapes, it was a lot of fun. Although, there was the case of the Urbanscapes rashes which affected almost all the concert/festival-goers. According to what I've heard (should be true), the venue grounds' a university for agricultural/farming and the caterpillars were probably not used to the sudden influx of human traffic (plus it just rained), so they released spores and these spores are what caused the rashes.

I'm glad mine wasn't too serious because some others got it pretty bad. But nevertheless, I really enjoyed being at Urbanscapes, definitely gonna go again next year if the lineup is good.

On another note, Merry Christmas guys! xx

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