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Wednesday, January 1, 2014

My Experience at Asian Skin Solutions [ADV]

To me, having good skin is of utmost importance. Really. I can't emphasise enough the importance of having good skin. I would be more excited over discovering a good skincare product/treatment than a good makeup product. Because, what use would a good makeup product be if you don't have good, healthy skin?

Think of your skin as a canvas, and makeup, your painting materials. If I give you a crappy, uneven canvas to work on, your painting would be affected too, no matter how good your painting materials are. Unless, the uneven look is what you're going for lol.

After all, you can't possible have makeup slapped on your face everyday, 24/7. There are times when you'll have to be bare-faced, and if you have good skin, that wouldn't be an issue for you at all; you will still feel confident! Of course, aside from good skincare products/treatment, diet also plays a part in helping you achieve a healthy, radiant complexion. Always remember to drink more water and have your daily intake of fruits and vegetables!

So yes, good skin is very, very important to me, which is why I was looking forward to my very first facial treatment experience with Asian Skin Solution when I received their invitation to visit their outlet at Parkmall.


Asian Skin Solutions is not an unfamiliar name to me. I've heard tons about it and its name was one of those that stuck out amongst all the other beauty salons. And that's because they are the only one in Singapore that specialises in dealing with Asian skin types and specially targets the concerns and worries of Asian skin.

If you don't already know, Asian skin is different from Caucasian skin, which is why some products work wonders on them but doesn't work on us. The same goes for our hair as well.

Ok back to my experience at Asian Skin Solutions haha.

I like how the salon used warm, dim lighting because it just made the whole place feel very cosy. It's like you know you're there to chill and pamper yourself.

Here's me with Jade, who will be doing my skin analysis for me.
 photo PB220328_zps6c8b96d6.jpg
 photo PB220304_zps91f540b0.jpg
 photo PB220311_zps76340d93.jpg
 photo PB220308_zps1e804faa.jpg
 photo PB220320_zps5254eca3.jpg
 photo PB220322_zps2d8b50ac.jpg
Here's one of the analysis data.

This shows the amount of collagen I have on my skin. If I didn't remember wrongly, this is taken from my arm. The top rows are mine, while the bottom rows belong to "insert name". I was kinda stunned when I saw this cos I'm uh, younger than her but my collagen level is hardly comparable to hers?! You can see the defined triangle-like formations on her, that's the collagen, while mine is like ........

 photo PB220315_zps25a57bd0.jpg
Looking at the other data.

 photo PB220324_zpsaf42ba36.jpg
Jade going through with me the issues with my skin, and also the good points la hahaha.

For me, my skin's moisture level is low. It's lower at my t-zone areas and to which, I was quite surprised cos my t-zone area is oiler than the other areas on my face (like my cheeks, for instance). She then explained to me that it's precisely because of the low moisture level, my skin produces more oil in my t-zone area. No wonder la.

But, she also told me that my skin is relatively good, no issues with pores, acne or acne scarring. So yay!

She decided to give me the Collagen Replenishing Treatment and I was whisked off to the treatment room.

And this was the sight that greeted me.
 photo PB220331_zps11e09a53.jpg
It looked really, really cosy! With the warm lighting, cushions and the rose petals were a very nice touch!

 photo PB220339_zps3a7475c6.jpg
Cosy right!

 photo PB220343_zpsb80e274e.jpg
And all ready for the treatment!

Here are some pictures taken during the treatment itself. I've not posted a picture of myself bare faced and especially, without eyeliner in a looooong time so, yeah. Not the most flattering pictures of me la of course. Lol.

 photo PB220366_zps67222bf5.jpg
 photo PB220387_zpsf5e25a24.jpg
 photo PB220389_zps5a8cc14f.jpg
I swear, no photoshop done on my skin here to remove blemishes or what not. The only editing I did for this photo was the colour tone and that's it.

My skin looked visibly brighter and clearer although there's no extraction done during the treatment. Extraction causes the enlargement of your pores so it isn't encouraged. So I was pleasantly surprised that despite there being no extraction, it can actually look clearer than before. My skin also felt more supple/bouncy, post-treatment.


I will recommend Asian Skin Solutions if you're looking for a facial treatment/beauty salon that specialises in Asian skin. After all, customised treatments always work best because it's tailored exactly to your needs. And plus, the people there are all very friendly! They want to make sure you feel right at home.

So, if you're thinking of trying out their facial treatments, then I have a piece of good news to share with you. The lovely people at Asian Skin Solutions are giving my readers, YOU, the chance to try out the Aesthetics Milk Peel Facial + Rejuvenating Kawaii-Eye Treatment for only $10!!

It's worth $388, so you get to save like $378?!?!?

That's a really generous deal! With that $378 that's saved, that sum can get me an iPad or something lol.

This promotion is only valid for 2 months, so don't miss out on this deal!

Simply fill in the form to grab this exclusive deal!

 photo PB220344copy_zpsadfe9875.jpg

You can find their outlets at:

9 Penang Road #11-04
Singapore 238459

Bugis Village
154 Rochor Road
Singapore 188425

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