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Friday, January 3, 2014

The Provision Shop at Everton Park [Cafe Review]

 photo PB210189_zps957e6681.jpg
I have a soft spot for rustic-looking interiors and The Provision Shop is one fine example of that.

 photo PB210176_zpsc68b5d24.jpg
Just check out the lights! Love 'em.

I was there for a meeting so I can't really remember what the other person ordered hahaha. 
 photo PB210175_zpsd0524e55.jpg
 photo PB210180_zps75d8ec75.jpg
I had the quiche, which was good although not particularly striking.

What was strikingly memorable however, was the coleslaw side. 
 photo PB210183_zps854d03de.jpg
If all coleslaws taste like this, that'd be fantastic. I don't really love my veggies so I usually tend to skip the coleslaw/salad sides but this was so good I finished all of it! And neither would I mind an extra serving really.

 photo PB210184_zps7233804e.jpg
According to the person I had lunch with, this was good.


I really wish these residential estates turned cafe hotspots would be closer to where I stay. Tiong Bahru and Everton Park requires me to travel for more than half an hour to get there so...yeah haha. I'm willing to travel for food if it's good though (like Carpenter and Cook), so I'll definitely be heading back to the Everton Park area to try out the other cafes.

On a side note, fingers crossed that the next residential estate turned cafe hotspot area will be in the east, please? :)

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