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Sunday, February 2, 2014

Food Tasting Invitation: Stew Küche - German Food at Wallet-Friendly Prices [Review]

When one thinks of good German cuisine, Brotzeit would usually come to mind. That name is almost synonymous with the Pork Knuckle dish. However, Brotzeit isn't the most wallet-friendly place for everyone, especially students. If you love German food and would like a cheaper/more affordable alternative without compromising on the quality and taste of the food, you might want to give Stew Küche a try.

Located in Bukit Merah (very near IKEA Alexendra), Stew Küche makes a unique dining experience simply because, it's a stall in a coffeeshop. I think there's hardly any German food stalls in coffeeshops right??

I got the boyfriend to be my plus one for this food tasting invitation, here goes:

 photo P1221161_zps2aaf37df.jpg
What's German food without beers to go with? Both of us were really happy they had our no.1 favourite beers respectively! Mine's the Koppaberg Elderflower & Lime Cider and the boyfriend's Erdinger Dunkel.

 photo P1221157_zps056bdf06.jpg
 photo P1221159_zps930efc3a.jpg
 photo P1221164_zps62562c7a.jpg
German Pork Knuckle - $25 (1.3kg), $15 (600-700g)

Ok this was the dish I was looking forward most to try, and it's also the highlight of the meal for me. Because, I think Stew Küche's pork knuckle is as good, or may I say that, it might even be better than Brotzeit's?

The skin/crust is crispy and fragrant, not hard, CRISPY's the word. The fatty part (which is my favourite part) just melts in your mouth! And it's not alot of fat either, if you were wondering. The meat is tender, not tough, which is important. Although, it did kinda hardened after awhile, so don't take too long to finish this dish lol. Pork is hard to do well because if you can't control the time/temperature well while cooking, the meat will be too tough.

I also like how they had achar as one of the side dishes, it really refreshes your palette which means it complements the pork knuckle very well! The boyfriend couldn't stop raving about the mashed potato. He said it was "the best mashed potato" he's ever had. Their mashed potato is kinda different from your usual ones, and yes I like it too. There are chunks of potatoes in the mash and I've no idea what they added in, but it's pretty damn good.

 photo P1221167_zpsd2f48cc0.jpg
Beef Stew - $18.90

 photo P1221165_zpsfb2d24f6.jpg
I can't take beef so here's what the boyfriend thinks. He thinks it reminds him of his grandmother's beef stew, which is a good thing cos grandma's cooking is always the best right? Homecooked goodness! He loved it, pretty much polished the entire dish off the pot.

 photo P1221168_zpse6a92bd7.jpg
Rosti (Plain) - $4.50

I love my rostis, so I had to try theirs. And of course I'd be comparing it with Marche's. This really is potatoes but in a pancake form, if you get what I mean? Boyfriend likes it more than Marche's while I prefer Marche's because Marche's more crispy and fragrant? So I guess it depends on individual's preferences.

 photo P1221170_zps72903824.jpg
I love my pastas, especially Seafood Aglio Olios. I found this okay only. Decent but nothing too memorable. Best Seafood Aglio Olio I've had is at D' Good Cafe @ Holland V.

Thank you Stew Küche for the lovely invitation. :)


Stew Kuche is located at:
119 Bukit Merah Lane 1 #01-40
Singapore 151119

Facebook Page -

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