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Sunday, February 9, 2014

Lee Cooper Spring/Summer 2014 Collection: Outfit Post #1 (Sponsored)

I'm happy to be one of the bloggers for Lee Cooper's SS2014 collection. For one, Lee Cooper is a British denim brand and I honestly think the Brits are good dressers. Just think Alexa Chung, I adore her style! Two, spring/summer collections are always perfect for all of us in Singapore because well, our weather/climate is pretty much like that all year round!

P.S: Do note that the Lee Cooper's retail outlets here in Singapore do not carry the full range of items from the Spring/Summer 2014 collection. I wish they did though, because some of the items I really liked aren't available here in Singapore. Oh well. 

I will be sharing with you guys 3 outfits from the Spring/Summer 2014 collection, one each month starting this February. So here's the first outfit, featuring the shirt and shorts from the SS14 collection! :)

 photo P2011219_zps11ce26aa.jpg
 photo P2011224_zps627a4ed3.jpg
 photo P2011228_zps9589a302.jpg
Shirt and shorts are from Lee Cooper

 photo P2011230_zps909a5b01.jpg
 photo P2011231_zpseb5e3d57.jpg
 photo P2011236_zps46af60a3.jpg
 photo P2011237_zps7c73f96a.jpg
 photo P2011243_zps2059be1a.jpg
 photo P2011246_zpsf0f19cbf.jpg
I like how this shirt can be very versatile, as you can see from my photos. Love the soft, denim blue colour of this striped shirt. And the denim shorts are super comfortable! You know how some denims shorts can feel very uh, tough? This pair isn't!

Definitely chucking my pair of white denim shorts from an Australian brand for this Lee Cooper pair hahaha. Cos the former pair always gets loose after a couple of washes! I don't know why I still buy from that brand lol, maybe cos it's very cheap. (that pair's like my 4th pair already haha)

 photo P2011262_zpsa82cb100.jpg
I find this photo of the boyfriend slightly amusing hahaha. Cos he looks like he's absorbing the rays from the sun or something. And yeap, he's also the one behind the camera for the pictures seen in this Lee Cooper outfit post. He's probably gonna be my photographer for the other two outfits too hehe.

We decided to have a picnic that day cos we wanted to do something a lil different from our usual dates. Should take advantage of the cool weather before we're back to our warm, humid days. (I think those days are back already, sigh)

 photo P2011271_zpsa0e22be7.jpg
Shall end this post with a film-inspired photo I took of the trees above us heh. Didn't bring my film camera with me that day so I just edited this photo taken with my Olympus E-PL6 in Photoshop for it to look like film instead haha, can also la.

Hope you guys had a splendid Lunar New Year filled with quality time spent with family and stuffing yourself with awesome food and goodies. Happy Lunar New Year! :)

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