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Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Lee Cooper Spring/Summer Collection 2014: Outfit #2 (Sponsored)

Okay I'm back with another Lee Cooper post for the month of February! For this post, think casual with a hint of sporty hehe. Shall let the pictures do most of the talking. ;)

When I went to check out the Spring/Summer 2014 Collection available in the Singapore outlets, I was kinda jealous that the guys had a wider range of shoe choices to choose from while girls only had like 6? Wish I could be spoilt for choices too like the guys, but ah well.

Anyway, I picked this red pair because I actually don't own any pair like that.
 photo 2014-02-250419451_zps5c46f533.jpg

I think it makes the perfect pair of shoes to complement a casual outfit, and also to add a pop of colour to it. Oh and it's a very comfy pair too!
 photo 2014-02-250420211_zps675af3ca.jpg

And on next to this sporty-looking blue polo dress. Makes me feel like I'm heading to play tennis or badminton or something hahaha.
 photo 2014-02-230130191_zps06260081.jpg photo 2014-02-230127331_zps93c9ea7f.jpg

Looking forward to sharing the 3rd and last outfit with you guys, next month! :D

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