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Monday, February 3, 2014

Music Monday: Laneway 2014

 photo P1251132_zps6fb00661.jpg

The lineup for Laneway 2014's pretty damn good, which was why I was so eagerly counting down to Jan 25th. The highlights for me were definitely Haim, Chvrches and Daughter. And plus, they were scheduled to play right after one another so that makes 3-hours of intense fangirling for me hahaha.

I was all ready for the festival until I realised I had a make-up class for my linguistic module on the same day (!) because of CNY. My class ends at 11.30am (which is also the time the gates open I think) and Vance Joy is opening the festival at 12.50pm, which I didn't want to miss at all because I like his music. So I was seriously considering skipping the class, I mean c'mon, it starts at 8.30am and I live in the east! But everyone told me to be a good student so yeap, I went in the end. *self-pat on the back* Managed to make it right on time, well almost, he started playing when I was at the gate/entrance. BUT, the merchandise for Haim got sold out already and I really liked the tank top. :(

Anyway, after Vance Joy's set ended, Butty (my BFF) and I went to put some grub in our bellies first before exploring the grounds.

 photo P1251129_zps7fcc5e15.jpg
 photo P1251125_zps3516118f.jpg
 photo P1251126_zpsc06c3f90.jpg
 photo P1251127_zps8957490d.jpg
The very adorable table and chairs we were using.

 photo P1251135_zps687ec371.jpg
 photo P1251136_zps9e09f3b3.jpg

Got ourselves temporary tattoos from the H&M booth cos the kid in me wants candy floss lol. I freakin' love candy floss! But hey, the tattoos were cheap thrills for the both of us cos we both wanna get tattoos but our parents are not entirely cool with that so....yeah, these would suffice, for now.

And plus, check out this one! Lyrics from one of my favourite Daughter songs - Youth. Love it! I still have in on my arm hehehe. 
 photo P1251139_zps056256ee.jpg
 photo P1251143_zps9cc70b4d.jpg

There's also a spray-on tattoo booth so we both got one there too.

 photo P1251144_zps79deff2f.jpg
 photo P1251147_zps7d362450.jpg
 photo P1251148_zps75cec23e.jpg
 photo P1251150_zps8b8d6484.jpg
Happy me with my fluffy, pink cloud of saccharine sweet goodness hahahaha.

And of course we got ourselves popsicles! These over ice-cream/gelato anytime!
 photo P1251153_zps53699061.jpg
 photo P1251151_zps32c727f1.jpg

And then we rejoined the group.
 photo P1251157_zpsa9cccef6.jpg
 photo P1251158_zpsa7c49034.jpg
Fifa being her usual goofy self lol.

 photo P1251159_zps5cea60f7.jpg
 photo P1251161_zpsb457b9ea.jpg
 photo P1251165_zps4ac091c8.jpg

FINALLY, Daughter!
 photo P1251172_zps26efc835.jpg
 photo P1251173_zps2adf76ce.jpg
 photo P1251175_zps3e7fecb5.jpg
 photo P1251177_zpsd7622ba9.jpg
And they were followed by Haim and Chvrches, which I gave up trying to take photos of cos the crowd was quite immovable! And people were moving and swaying (of course), so all the pictures turned out blur so I gave up haha.

Ending the night with a group shot.

One thing I like about gigs is that you meet new people and you make new friends. They can be either a friend's friend or a complete stranger who was just standing beside you. It's nice really.

Now, I have Empire of The Sun, Lucy Rose and Jamie Cullum to look forward to in February and March! *happy dance* 

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