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Sunday, February 23, 2014

Shunji Matsuo - February 2014: Got highlights done, for the first time!

Was really looking forward to this month's appointment because...look at my very visible roots!

 photo P2101160_zpsbd2f3c06.jpg

And also because, I wanted to try highlights, for the first time! The reason why I've not gotten highlights done before is because I somehow have the impression that they're tacky? (not sure if that's the right word hmmm) Cos my impression of highlights kinda stuck with me from the ones most people did years ago. You know the ones that don't look natural at all? Like chunky strips of highlights.

But of course, the highlights today are wayyyy different. They look very natural and actually add dimension, texture and movement to your hair because it's no longer just one, flat single colour.

 photo P2101165_zps2d45f451.jpg
Giving my hair a new colour and highlighting in process.

 photo P2101169_zpsa0a5b0d5.jpg
Here's a rare picture of me with poker straight hair hahaha, taken right after they blew dry my hair. Yeap, I'm not a fan of straight hair at all because my face shape is considered long. Having long, straight hair will drag/pull (?) my face down making me look very tired. Plus, the texture of my hair's quite fine so it can look flat at times. :(

 photo P2101182_zpsb6e3b243.jpg
Yay curls! :)

I love how Lawrence, my stylist, always seems to know what I want without me saying much. Cos I really love the curls he styled for me, just perfect! And he also understands the texture/quality of my hair really well which is how he is able to advice me on what I should (to complement my face shape and skin tone) and should not do to my hair.  Every girl deserves a stylist like that, don't we?

Honestly, I had some trouble getting a shot of my hair showing the colour/highlights accurately. Ahhhh. If I were to describe it, it's an ashy brown base with golden brown highlights? I didn't bleach my hair so my base colour can't be too light if not the highlights won't show.

 photo P2101190_zpsca8a6d60.jpg
 photo P2101193_zpsc49a81dc.jpg
 photo P2101201_zps332e7dcf.jpg
With Shenny! It's always lovely when we have our hair together cos we usually spend that 3 hrs or so talking/catching up hehe.

 photo P2101212_zpscb9e2e8c.jpg

And I took these pictures the next day under better light conditions.
 photo P2111175_zps88b211cc.jpg

See the highlights!

 photo P2111158_zps09107486.jpg

I do wonder if I look better with a lighter hair colour or my current darker ash brown?

P.S: You can read my post of my previous trip to Shunji Matsuo here.


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  1. Maybe next time you should try even more ashy light colour! Looking forward to read your next post babe ^^

    1. Yeah I definitely will! Hehe thanks babe! :)