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Thursday, March 6, 2014

ADORE Series Part 1: Comfort All Days [ADV]

P.S: This post is for the ladies! ;)


Time of the month, that is no fun, we ladies know that. It’s inconvenient; we have to sit in a certain way and/or avoid wearing white (or any light colours), some others will also get awfully bad cramps or backaches to add to the list of inconveniences. Guys (if any of you are still reading lol), be glad you don’t have them!

We can’t prevent/avoid getting our period, but what we can do is to make this monthly experience better! Comfort is everything isn’t it? Whether it’s the clothes you wear or the chair you sit on. Just like how having no cramps makes a period more bearable because you’re not in any discomfort, wearing a comfortable sanitary napkin/pad makes a whole lot of difference too!

Which is why, I’d like to introduce ADORE Ultra Slim Sanitary Napkins & Panty Liners! If you’ve not heard of the brand, they won the HWB award from Watsons last year and it’s also the 2013 Winner of Best Selling Premium Sanitary Napkin. Niceeeee.

ADORE’s range includes Active Days, Dreamy Nights, Daily Freshness and Comfort All Days. I’ll be sharing each range with you guys in the following

 photo 2014-02-241157201_zpsfaf4e667.jpg

It’s also my favourite one, here’s why!

ADORE Comfort All Days is unlike any of your other sanitary pad packs. It’s actually a Combo Pack of 13 pads! Think of it as an All-in-One pack that can last you throughout your entire period, accomodating to the different flow days you would have throughout that week because it consists of 6pcs Day Pad (24cm), 3pcs Night Pad (28cm) & 4pcs Lite Flow Day (19cm).Talk about convenience!

The pack looks like this

 photo 2014-02-241157471_zps4261a96b.jpg
 photo 2014-02-241157561_zps391c6e99.jpg
 photo 2014-02-241158041_zps72614fe1.jpg

The packaging is just like your facial/makeup remover wipes, so you just take out what you need.

Here’s the more “technical” information about ADORE’s sanitary napkins which I took from their website here. I’ll put in here my blog post so it’s more convenient for you ladies to read right away, if you want to. :)

 photo 1_zps2d40b1b3.png
 photo 2_zpsdf953fb2.png
 photo 3_zpsde00bbf3.png
 photo 4_zps46f3239c.png
 photo 5_zpsf1c4b78c.png

And now, here’s what I think about the product:

The first thing I noticed about this sanitary napkin is that it’s quite thin compared to the brand I usually use so I wondered if it will be useful in holding up the flow well. But surprisingly, it did! And the thinness of the pad is also what makes it very comfortable. Thick pads make you feel like you’re wearing pampers. This pad is comfortable not only because it’s thin but also cos the material’s quite soft and very breathable. It also absorbs pretty fast which is why it makes the surface very comfortable. (you girls get what I mean right?)  I didn’t experience leakage with them either, so yay! 

 photo 2014-02-250431461_zps76477090.jpg
“Be Happy and at Ease! Enjoy the Comfort, ADORE yourself!” And I’d say, they’re quite right with their tagline!

 photo 2014-02-250431021_zps58a17ce4.jpg

Comfort All Days (UP $4.90) is currently retailing at $3.70 at an Introductory Offer for a limited period only from now till end April. You can get/try them at Watsons, Giant, Sheng Siong and Selected Minimarts Islandwide.

 photo 2014-02-241157291_zpse6f78d49.jpg
Prices of the ADORE range:

-       Active Days ($5.85)
-       Dreamy Nights ($4.65)
-       Daily Freshness ($5.30)
-       Comfort All Days ($4.90)

Till the next post ladies! :)

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  1. Hi as a blogger too, i like comments too! I just started using this and its actually awesome but i wonder why its not so popular and not many adverts. :) i have to say i really like the packaging too