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Friday, March 14, 2014

Interiors x Exteriors [SERIES]: Small Apartment in Sweden x Exposed Brick Walls

I've always loved poring over design magazines, especially the ones on home interiors. Maybe it's cos my dad's an interior designer, so the interest is kinda in my blood. Although, my dad's clients are mostly corporate and not for homes, which isn't really my thing lol.

But anyway, back to what I was saying! The first post of my Interiors x Exteriors Series features this small apartment in Gothenburg, Sweden. In Singapore, the newly built HDBs and condominiums are all getting smaller and smaller so I hope you reading this will find it helpful maybe? (if you're moving or thinking/redecorating your place)

 photo ImageProxy2_zps8dfdd325.jpeg
I really love exposed brick walls. (not the wallpaper kind) This dining space is lovely! I think there's a perfect balance between soft and rugged here.

 photo ImageProxy1_zps29fc22fe.jpeg
And look at that rustic console! Adds some character to the otherwise kinda polished-looking living area.

 photo ImageProxy3_zps941de75f.jpeg
The white, bright, minimal and airy living room helps the small space look less cluttered and more spacious.

 photo ImageProxy_zps3c96a5c1.jpeg
Would love a bedroom with a view and a patio/balcony like this really.

 photo ImageProxy4_zps051996dc.jpeg
Aside from exposed brick walls, I also really like using a ladder as a stand to hang your bags, scarves, outerwear, magazines and the list goes on! Whatever works. ;) Sure beats using the conventional shelves.

 photo ImageProxy5_zps9ed8e056.jpeg
Lovely home isn't it?

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