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Friday, March 28, 2014

My Facial Experience at GLOMAX Aesthetics - The Face Artistry [Sponsored Review]

 photo 2014-03-260152281a_zpsadda3a17.jpg

I don't have the habit of going for facials, except when I receive blogger invitations to go for one. Even so, I will still do my research to see what others are saying about them before saying yes. But when I received this facial invitation from GLOMAX Aesthetics, it was an instant yes from me because I've actually heard raves about their facial treatments from others. And of course, I had to try it out for myself.

*P.S: The next 4 photos are courtesy of GLOMAX Aesthetics*

 photo glomaxdoorbanner_zps5f218d57.png
GLOMAX Aesthetics is conveniently situated in the Clark Quay/Eu Tong Sen area, in the SOHO building beside Central Mall.

 photo unnamed_zps3a206807.jpg
A skin consultation will be done before the facial treatment so they can recommend a facial treatment best suited to your skin's needs and condition.

These are some of the treatments they offer:

  • Luminous Detox Energie Care Treatment
  • Intensive Acne Medic Treatment (Simply Her Best Anti Acne Facial Award 2014)
  • Ultimate Bright Enlightenment (Cosmopolitan Best For Sensitive Skin Treatment Award 2013)
  • Eternal Lifting Treatment (Women's Weekly Best Non-Invasive Treatment Award 2013)
  • Super ACE Anti-Oxidant Treatment
  • Opulence Oxygen Treatment

Just look at the amount of awards they've won!

But anyway, I thought they'd recommend me to do the Luminous Detox treatment cos I don't have acne problems, except from the occasional hormonal breakouts every month. Even so, it's usually just one or two pimples and that's it. However, I do suffer from issues like blackheads, whiteheads and open/congested pores, which I think is why they recommended the Intensive Acne Medic Treatment for me. They're the skincare pros after all. ;)

 photo soniccleansing_zpsde8230bf.jpg
This is a sample image of the Sonic Cleansing step, the first step after double cleansing my face, during the treatment I did. What this does is to remove all impurities on the surface of your face. My facial therapist showed me the amount of impurities on my face "collected" by this tool, and honestly, ain't a pretty sight hahahaha.

 photo 2014-03-220107261_zps8d22eddb.jpg
This is an unedited photo of me without any makeup on my face, except for a lil smudged eyeliner lol.

But look! My skin isn't red or blotchy at all. I actually went to my nail sponsor for a pedicure session straight after the facial treatment because I can! Haha. My skin looks clearer and brighter, doesn't it?? And I loved the sunblock they applied for me at the end of the facial treatment. It has a matte finish and doesn't reek of that awful sunblock smell. *thumbs up!*

And these pictures are taken the next day. I'm only wearing tinted moisturiser, mascara and a lil bit of blusher.
 photo 2014-03-260141581_zps32995fe2.jpg
 photo 2014-03-260142401_zps4d72c53d.jpg
 photo 2014-03-260141471_zpsa5c724c8.jpg
 photo 2014-03-260141392_zps031c7fee.jpg
It's been a week since I did the facial treatment, and till now, still zero breakouts! And my skin is still clear and glowy! So yes, I'd definitely recommend giving GLOMAX Aesthetics a try and perhaps, also make them your regular go-to facial place. I myself would love to be able to try their other treatments, because I do think it's the best facial treatment I've ever had thus far.

I believe most of us suffer from occasional breakouts, open/congested pores, blackheads and whiteheads, thanks to the warm and humid weather we have. Hence, I'm sure you will definitely find the facial treatment I did - the Intensive Acne Medic Treatment - most beneficial. Really! And if you suffer from acne issues, I would strongly encourage you to go try this treatment.

Details about the Intensive Acne Medic Treatment

Suitable for problem skin with congested pores and acne, the treatment starts with a sonic cleansing that gently lifts impurities and dirt off skin surface before the problem areas are healed with a mild antiseptic at high frequency. Combined with acne IPL to rebalance the sebum level, the skin will dramatically clear up after each session.

Thinking of trying out GLOMAX Aesthetics' facial treatments? Then make sure you remember this: quote my name "Blogger Shanice" to enjoy the Intensive Acne Media Treatment at only $88! (U.P $150)

For first time customers and by appointment only. 
Call 6225 5193 to book an appointment/for more enquiries.

GLOMAX Aesthetics - The Face Artistry is located at: 
The Central, Soho 2
12 Eu Tong Sen Street #06-168 
Singapore 059819

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