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Monday, March 17, 2014

Shanice x DeStylez March 2014 Outfit Lookbook: Pretty in Prints!

For this month's outfits, think: Prints on prints, mustard and blue.

 photo 2014-03-130618121_zps69ef54f3.jpg
Without a doubt, my favourite shot out of all the photos taken for this post. And it's taken by Irfan hehe, while we were cafe hopping D.O.C and The Audacious Cakery last week which I blogged about here!

Okay my first pick is this vintage-inspired piece, the Eleanor Polka Dot Midi in Mustard (as seen above) that's already launched! It also comes in Rose Pink btw!

There are a couple of reasons why I adore this skirt so much. One, cos it has a vintage vibe to it (duh haha). Two, I love polka dots so the print is perfect. Three, it's a beautiful mustard colour! To me, mustard is autumn-ey yellow and I love autumn-ish shades lol. (if that made any sense?) Four, it's a midi, my favourite skirt length. Five, the cut of the skirt. And sixth which makes up majority of the reason why I love it so much, it's EXTREMELY versatile! When I saw the skirt, I could immediately think of so many ways to style it with!

Firstly, mustard is a colour that's actually very easy to pair. You can definitely wear it with your neutral colours - black, white, grey - which is a very safe kinda look. Or have some fun with the colour! It will go well with blues, reddish shades like wine red/oxblood/burgundy, greens and even purples! Blues and reddish shades are in my opinion, the best with mustard though. And while thinking of colour options, it also hit me that I actually don't own any wine/red/oxblood/burgundy tops??? Strange. *makes a mental note to add one into my wardrobe*

Secondly, there's a variety of tops you can style the skirt with - a basic tank top or a basic tee for a very casual look, or with a buttoned-up top or a top with few details/minimal tops. Or again, have fun and try some prints on prints! I love prints on prints although I know this style isn't for everyone.

So for this post, I'm gonna show you 2 of the many ways you could style this skirt using prints on prints!

Prints #1: Stripes!

Since this navy blue striped top I'm wearing is kinda oversized and slouchy, which makes it look casual, I added a classy/luxe-looking chunky necklace to balance out the "slouchiness".

 photo 2014-03-130616061_zpsc9854fac.jpg
 photo 2014-03-130615521_zps4655feb0.jpg
Also wore burgundy socks to complement the navy blue and mustard colours.

 photo 2014-03-130616172_zps371a1c49.jpg
 photo 2014-03-130617321_zpse1fe64eb.jpg
 photo 2014-03-140129341_zps199bd210.jpg
 photo 2014-03-140533261_zpsf2775808.jpg

Prints #2: Florals

This floral printed shirt is actually a men's top from Furmuse hahaha. I fell in love with the super pretty floral prints and decided to try my luck with the smallest size, which fit me just fine hehe. Thank you skinny guys out there!

 photo 2014-03-160134271_zps86738a02.jpg
 photo 2014-03-160134521_zpsf8ff9768.jpg
 photo 2014-03-160135011_zps33fe117f.jpg
 photo 2014-03-160135111_zps774cacc2.jpg
 photo 2014-03-160136041_zpsc2f7cd88.jpg
 photo 2014-03-160136381_zps1b2de97f.jpg
 photo 2014-03-160136271_zps4becf54b.jpg

One skirt, two looks = two different styles! The first was more uptown chic while the second's more vintage-preppy. There are so many more ways to style this skirt, what a delightfully fun piece to own. ;)

And my second pick is the Josephine Gingham Dress, which will be launched next Thursday (27 March)!

 photo 2014-03-160121071_zpsa8f48412.jpg
 photo 2014-03-160120311_zps972aaabe.jpg photo 2014-03-160120431_zps7ec142d0.jpg
 photo 2014-03-160120561_zps6422a9b5.jpg
Gotta love this supermarket. I found gluten, wheat and dairy free cookies, pretzels, crackers, waffles and more! They also have belgian waffles, pizzas, brownies and bread which I'm gonna get the next time I'm back. Oh and the gluten, wheat free pasta selection is a lot wider than Cold Storage's. It's like my supermarket heaven.

 photo 2014-03-160121201_zps3bbe9ba6.jpg
Love the triangle cutouts on the neckline of the dress. If we had colder temperatures in Singapore, I would layer the dress over a collared shirt or wear a knit/sweater top over it. Ah well.


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