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Sunday, March 9, 2014

Valentine's Day 2014 @ Wheeler's Yard

I've been wanting to visit Wheeler's Yard for awhile now. Actually, I've never felt such a strong desire (the term "need" may even be apt) to check a cafe off my "Cafes To Visit" checklist. I adore places that ooze a rustic charm. In fact, I kinda picture my wedding reception (when the time comes) as one filled with a rustic/vintage-inspired vibe; the venue decorated with flowers, fairylights, mason jars, vintage milk glasses/carriers, tiffany chairs, wooden crates and well yeah you get my drift right?

Ok back to what I was saying before. There are rarely any rustic-inspired cafes/places in Singapore! (that I know of at least, so if you know any, please please share with me!) I also really love bikes, especially the classic/vintage-inspired looking ones, which fuelled the strong desire/urge to check out Wheeler's Yard. And I think, spending Valentine's Day there definitely adds to the whole experience.

 photo P2141159_zpsf5374250.jpg

It has become somewhat like a customary tradition for all visitors to snap a picture of themselves standing in front of its now iconic blue door when they visit this rustic gem of a place. And of course, so did the boyfriend and I.

 photo P2141169_zps77cefb45.jpg

I think the grey-washed brick walls perfectly complement the door's striking blue colour. Oh and we both just so happened to be dressed in blue too lol, wasn't on purpose!

 photo 2014-02-151219301_zps9537b4e3.jpg
Dress // River Island

Aside from the pretty polka dot prints, I really like the contrasting white collar. Adds a little preppy, don't you think?

 photo 2014-02-151219211_zps76bef62b.jpg
Yeap I love my polka dots.

 photo 2014-02-151219111_zpsb47c08a5.jpg
 photo P2141158_zpsd60df7f5.jpg
 photo P2141190_zps3a2ec842.jpg
Check out all the pretty bikes! Especially the mint green/tiffany blue one which I'm totally lusting after. Visual lust only cos it's far too pricey for me. I think it's 1k plus. :(

 photo P2141195_zpsd7131232.jpg
We were given a seat at this communal dining table, also lined with bikes. Haha. I love the concept although it's a little odd having Valentine's Day dinner at a communal table setting like this.

 photo P2141192_zpscda4fa85.jpg

Here's the hand bouquet the boyfriend got for me which I started drying the day after hehe. Yay another addition to my collection of dried flowers.

 photo 2014-02-141039141_zps8d65889e.jpg

And it's time for dinner! On a side note, the candles and rose petals add a really nice touch I think. Got feel hahaha. 
 photo P2141196_zpsb9ada351.jpg
Food's not bad actually! Although, that's the Valentine's Day Special Menu. I wanna try their regular menu first before I can really comment. And yes, I'm going back. :)

 photo 2014-02-140810171_zps27f359c5.jpg
 photo 2014-02-140810061_zps9db3314e.jpg
 photo 2014-02-140813471_zps157e64c6.jpg
 photo 2014-02-151218572_zps9027eb4b.jpg

Nope, these aren't our Valentine's Day gifts for each other. I got myself this gorgeous DW watch several months back and the boyfriend decided to get the men's version for himself as well hahaha. Irony is, we are both quite against couple items. Watches are fine I suppose, after all, they're not that cheesy.

 photo 2014-02-151235471_zpsec7e8b71.jpg

I know this Valentine's Day post is a little late lol but I had to get the other posts/advertorials up first. Anyway, hope you guys had a lovely Vday/February. I hope March will be a pleasant month of us all! :)


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