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Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Lacoste "Life Is A Beautiful Sport" Party @ Wisma Atria

 photo 2014-04-090702321_zpsdfefc822.jpg

Attended Lacoste's "Life Is A Beautiful Sport" party at their Wisma Atria boutique last Wednesday with my plus one, Nurul! (below)
 photo 2014-04-020649442_zpsdab1176e.jpg
 photo 2014-04-090700511_zps055afecd.jpg
And of course, ran into fellow blogger friends like William and HP!

 photo 2014-04-090701371_zps452123a4.jpg
 photo 2014-04-090701461_zps84a36b1a.jpg
 photo 2014-04-090701581_zpse20ed636.jpg
If I had to choose one item from the collection, I think it would be this sweater top. I really love wearing sweater tops *cues Sweater Weather song by The Neighbood*, so snuggly and comfy, but of course Singapore's weather hardly is sweater weather sigh.

Lacoste also had specially concocted cocktails named 'Passion', 'Courage', 'Faith' and 'Aspiration', all inspired by the rich brand heritage.

 photo 2014-04-090701231_zps7546a06c.jpg
 photo 2014-04-091232571_zps1b294c25.jpg
And it was really cool that they allowed guests to try our hands at DJ-ing! Hehe. Right in line with the spirit of optimism and courage promoted by this campaign! It takes courage to believe that you, as a rookie, can spin decent music in front of a live crowd right hahaha.

And presenting to you this mandatory shot I took with the team behind this whole event. Introducing my favourite PR people ever - The Good Folks! I got to know them when they were with the PR agency they were previously working for, but not anymore now. So happy and excited for them that they decided to set up their own agency!

I can assure you that they are a bunch of talented, passionate and driven PR team who will make your event an awesome one. So if you're looking for one, you know who to look for. ;)

 photo 2014-04-020649581_zps9b0651db.jpg

Oh and you should watch Lacoste's "The Big Leap" ad campaign. I quite like this short film. And the song is an added cherry on top, they used "You & Me" by Disclosure ft. Eliza Doolittle, and not just that song but the Flume remix version! Love that one!

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