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Thursday, April 24, 2014

Shanice x DeStylez April 2014 Lookbook (Part 1): Vintage Love!

Oh you have no idea how much I adore this Dandelion Print Shift Dress from DeStylez! It looks as if it's a TRUE vintage piece from the 60s era! The moment I saw it, there was absolutely no need for me to consider other pieces from the first of their April collections, at all.

The floral dandelion prints (you guys know how much I love flowers right haha) and the cheery mustard shade's just the perfect combination in a dress! Just lookin' at it lifts my mood already haha. It's the perfect summer dress and Singapore's weather is pretty much summer all year round anyway. So I decided to go for a more summer casual, downtown chic kinda look this time by pairing it with my favourite heeled sandals from ZARA. This pair of heeled sandals are ridiculously comfortable, best buy ever.

 photo 2014-04-240125381_zpsabfc497c.jpg
 photo 2014-04-240129181_zps30874265.jpg
 photo 2014-04-240128411_zps793f6376.jpg

I know there's this "rule" that one should match the colour of his/her shoes with the bag. I never really believed or followed that rule cos I think that, as long as the colours of your entire outfit complement each other well/harmoniously, that's all that matters and that's the only "rule" you should follow really. Since the mustard yellow shade and the browns from my belt, watch and shoes are kinda in the same colour family, I decided to go with a black bag instead of a brown one to add a pop of colour to the entire outfit. That bag is also my favourite music festival bag. Its nifty little size fits all the essentials I need for gigs and allows me to dance and all quite comfortably. ;)

 photo 2014-04-240126371_zpsa9060985.jpg
 photo 2014-04-240127361_zpsd8f82dc1.jpg

Outfit Details

Dress // DeStylez
Shoes // Zara
Bag // ASOS
Watch // Daniel Wellington
Necklace // Curious Creatures


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