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Saturday, May 31, 2014

MAGNUM's 25th Birthday Anniversary Party @ Avalon x Launch of Limited Edition Marc de Champagne

MAGNUM's media invitation kit to their 25th Birthday Anniversary Party is the first media kit ever that made my jaw drop, literally. It's indulgent, just like what the brand stands for! ;)

Here's what they sent!
2014-05-09 01.46.04 1
Two silver Magnum balloons and 2 boxes! (of what?)
2014-05-09 01.46.12 1

The box at the bottom is actually a boxful of ice cream!!! :D
2014-05-09 01.50.02 1

And what about the box that's tied with the balloons?
2014-05-29 03.11.32 1
2014-05-09 01.50.18 1
Indulgent isn't it!

2014-05-09 01.50.29 1
And this disposable film camera is no doubt, the star out of the entire kit for me. :) #filmwillneverdie #ilovefilm

And trust me, this media invitation kit was only just a teaser to the event! The event was a whole lot more indulgent, and may I say, lavish?
2014-05-23 09.47.14 1_2
With the boy, my plus one for that night. :)

MAGNUM indulged all of us guests to a night filled with its decadent and signature pairing of chocolate and ice cream, almost edible fashion, the launch of the limited edition Marc de Champagne and also the announcement of the new location of the MAGNUM Pleasure Store.

The new location's at Customs House Terrace and it will be opened till 23 July 2014 from 12pm to 10.30pm daily. It will be the LAST one btw! So please go if you've not gone to the previous 2 instalments. New silver items have also been added to the menu to celebrate MAGNUM's 25 Years of Pleasure.

MAGNUM Chocolate Fountain
This chocolate fountain stands at over 1m tall with over 100kg of chocolate! We were all able to create/customise our own MAGNUM ice cream by dipping our ice cream into this flowing fountain of chocolate-y goodness! Hehehe.

Decadence Uncracked (2)

MAGNUM also collaborated with 2am:dessertbar Chef/Owner, Janice Wong, and showcased an exclusive MAGNUM chocolate jewellery collection. They also collaborated with Pauline Lim of PAULINE.NING to create the MAGNUM dress you see above. If I'm not wrong, I think some parts of the dress' made of chocolate.

Launch of New MAGNUM LIMITED EDITION with Marc de Champagne
MAGNUM Ambassador

I tried the Marc de Champagne and you can really taste the champagne! You know how you can't really taste the alcohol in some alcoholic ice cream? Not this one!

It was an indulgent night indeed. Thank you MAGNUM for having me at your event again, the previous MAGNUM event I attended was also an indulgent one. And Happy 25th Birthday!! xx

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