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Saturday, May 10, 2014

Shanice x DeStylez April Lookbook Part 2: Aztec Prints

2014-05-09 02.02.37 1-1
This post features the Abbey Shift Tunic Dress in my favourite aztec prints! Actually, this is one dress that would be really fun to style by layering, but in Singapore, we can't do that thanks to the perennially warm and humid weather all year round. :(

I would love to layer it over a shirt, it could be white, mustard or yellow. Or you know, wear a cardigan over and with knee high socks. If only we had cooler weather. 

2014-05-09 02.02.28 1-1
So this was how I style/wore it for Singapore's weather.

Although, I much prefer how it looks like with my mustard cardigan over it. The outfit somehow looks more complete and preppy heh heh. I completed the look with a leather brown satchel and my favourite leather brown chelsea heeled boots and done!
2014-05-09 02.02.03 1-1
2014-05-09 02.01.41 1-2

If by any chance, you're observant enough to realise that my glasses in these pictures are a little different, well that's cos I'm wearing my brother's fake glasses lol, which are actually too big for my face and they kept slipping down! I'm getting new prescription glasses made cos my degree went up. :( And also cos, I finally decided to wear contact lenses on a daily basis instead of my glasses. Monthlies are cheaper than dailies anyway! ;)


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