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Friday, May 2, 2014

WSI x Shanice Koh: Michael Kors Camille Gold Tone Watch // The Coastal Settlement

2014-04-28 05.44.05 1
Look at that gorgeous face with all those details! I really like the fact that the numbers are Roman numerals. Makes it look even more timelessly sophisticated!
2014-04-28 05.44.14 1
Did you know it took me quite awhile to finally decide on this watch by Michael Kors?

WSI invited me to check out their newly renovated store at 313 Somerset and to choose a timepiece of my choice at the same time. And boy, was I utterly spoilt for choices! They carry more than 10 well-loved brands such as Michael Kors, Karl Lagerfield, Emporio Armani, Marc by Marc Jacobs, etc.

Plus, their recent renovation has incorporated different areas such as "Gifting", "Swiss Made" and "Favourites" to showcase the different timepieces to suit every occasion. These different areas sure makes looking for the perfect timepiece for ourselves or the perfect gift for a loved one a lot easier.  For example, their "Swiss Made" section; we all know how Swiss Made watches are like the cream of the crop right? If we or the person we are getting the watch for is all about Swiss Made watches, it will make the shopping process so much more enjoyable.

For me, I managed to narrow down my choices to these two watches.
2014-05-01 11.18.13 1
Michael Kors (left) and Marc by Marc Jacobs (right)

2014-04-26 10.00.18 1
It was a tough decision. It's no secret I love my leather goods, all my current watches are actually leather watches. And I've been looking for a black one recently, which is why I was deliberating between the black leather MBMJ one and the gold Michael Kors watch. I like the MBMJ one cos it kinda looks like those statement/chunky leather bracelets that we wear as a style accessory. So in a way, the watch will double as both a watch and a leather bracelet cos it looks like one haha. But I've also been looking for a classy gold watch, perfect for when I attend fashion shows or events that require me to be a little more formal/dressy.

Eventually, I decided to go with the Michael Kors one because I don't own something like that. And it's also my first time owning a watch with a clasp closure like that, took me awhile to get used to how to clasp it on and off hahahaha.

2014-04-28 05.43.39 1
Wanted to show you guys this stunning watch by Diesel. It may be huge yes, but I freakin' love it! It's so beautifully vintage and classy at the same time. Reminds me of old steamer trunks. (this may not be making any sense to you right now lol)

2014-04-28 05.43.48 1
I would so get it if there's a ladies version and in a smaller face. This one looked absolutely ginormous on my small wrist.

2014-04-26 10.14.00 1
Bad hair day plus a bad lipstick choice that day. Meh.


The boyfriend and I finally checked out The Coastal Settlement, which we've been wanting to for a long while now. And of course I wore my new Michael Kors watch!

2014-04-26 09.22.26 1
2014-04-26 09.22.37 1
2014-04-26 09.38.29 1
2014-04-26 05.59.09 1
2014-04-26 09.38.38 1
It's such a beautiful place. And I'm glad it's in the east hehe.

2014-04-26 06.00.01 1
2014-04-26 09.38.50 1
2014-04-26 09.32.52 1
2014-04-26 09.39.14 1
2014-04-26 05.58.59 1
Boyfriend being his goofy self hahaha. We fell in love with this place so much that we said we're gonna come back again even before our food came haha.

2014-04-26 09.30.40 1
Thank you WSI for this gorgeous, gold Michael Kors watch. I love it so very much, am really glad I chose this over the other one hehe. No regrets at all, definitely my new favourite watch. :)


WSI is located at 313 Somerset #02-02
Tel: 6884 6012

They are opened daily from 10am to 10pm

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