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Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Get L'oreal & Maybelline Products Online with Qoo10 - Official E-Store for L'oreal! [Sponsored Review]

I was never a lipstick person till last year, and bam! I was hooked. I started searching for lipstick shades I love and buying them. Lipsticks complete one's look, it adds a colour to your face and the right shade can even brighten up your complexion! And need I say, the power of the red lip??

So I was thrilled when Qoo10 dropped me an email on behalf of L'oreal (Maybelline's under them too btw) to choose from a range of their products that can be found on L'oreal's official e-store with Qoo10. I was really spoiled for choice but I decided to choose their range of lipsticks in the end! Hehe. I was reaaaallly looking forward to receiving and swatching them. It's also the longest I've ever taken to take photos for a post ever hahaha.

I received a total of 18 lipsticks and they're from the various lipstick range/collections. But to make it easier, I've divided them into "nudes", "pinks", "matte", "l'oreal", "reds", "plums" and "browns" in this review post. All lipsticks are from Maybelline except the one I titled "L'oreal".

Ready? :)

Here's me without wearing any lipstick, my lips in its bare, natural state. 

Note that I also did not change the colour tone of the photos seen in this post so the colours can be as accurate as my camera can capture. I'm not sure how accurate my camera is, or if the natural lighting is okay but I'll also be describing the colour too, just in case the colours in the photos are not accurate. 

Also note that everyone's natural lip colours are different. And lipstick colours will also look different on different shades of skin. My natural lip colour has abit of purplish undertones, if you were wondering.


nudes mocha muse sheer rose velvet coral
From left: Mocha Muse, Sheer Rose, Velvet Coral

You might be wondering why I put these under nudes when they seem pretty pink. Well that's because they go on pretty sheer, and they're from the Maybelline Nudes collection anyway!

Mocha Muse
mocha muse
I think you can call this "your natural lip colour but better" kind of shade.

Sheer Rose
sheer rose
This one goes on a little less sheer compared to the other two. It's a light blue-based barbie kind of pink.

Velvet Coral
velvet coral
Another "your natural lip but better" kind of shade. The difference between this and mocha muse is that this is more pink.


pinks pink tourma pink peony hooked on pink
From left: Pink Tourmaline, Pink Peony, Hooked On Pink

Pink Tourmaline
pink tourmaline
This one has a lustre kinda finish, which I think can be seen from the picture. It's kind of a light pinkish red?

Pink Peony
pink peony
Pink Peony is quite similar to Pink Tourmaline, except this has more pink and it's lighter in colour.

Hooked On Pink
hooked on pink
This is quite a pretty shade, it's a berry pink.

mat4 lip
Mat 4

Well this is the only one I received from the Matte range, it doesn't seem to have a name like the other lipsticks, it's just called Mat 4. It's kind of a bright coral red, tango? I know it looks red in the photos, but really, it's more coral red than red. Quite true to the colour of the lipstick in the photo above. I like this one, it really brightens the complexion. ;)


From left: Dewy Beige, Berry Allure

Dewy Beige
dewy beige
I find this colour quite similar to the Nudes collection. A blue-based natural pink, it has a more creamy texture. The L'oreal lipstick has a smoother, more creamy texture compared to the Maybelline ones. :)

Berry Allure
berry allure
I actually already own this one! Heh. I love it so much! Wore it to the Lacoste event which I blogged about awhile back. It's such a pretty berry red! Not as strong as a red lip, which is great for when you don't want to look TOO done up, if you get what I mean? Plus it makes my teeth look whiter than they are hahahaha.

reds reddy cherry rubylicious
From left: Are You Red-dy, Very Cherry, Rubylicious

Are You Red-dy
are you reddy
This is a true red, a shade that should flatter almost everyone, no matter the shade of your skin.

Very Cherry
very cherry
This seems to be quite similar to Are You Red-dy, but this is actually more blue-based. And blue-based lipsticks helps to make your teeth look whiter! And they also flatter Asian skintone because the blue cancels out the yellow.

As its name suggest, this is also a blue-based red but with a little more berry/purple tones. Also a very flattering shade for everyone!

I like all 3 reds!

plums berry brilliant plumtastic plum paradise refined wine
From left: Berry Brilliant, Plumtastic, Plum Paradise, Refined Wine

Berry Brilliant
berry brilliant
Oooh this is a very interesting shade. I like it although I'm not sure if I'll wear it to events because I might prefer something with more red. This is your true berry colour. And blue-based of course!

Plumtastic (L) & Plum Paradise (R)
These two shades are pretty damn similar, but I'd say Plum Paradise is darker.

Refined Wine
refined wine
I love this one! I'd say this can be statement-making lip colour, it's different from the usual reds you see on ladies at events/occasions. It's also more likely I'll wear this over Berry Brilliant although both are berry shades because this is darker and like I said earlier, statement-making. It even seems a little been sexy and seductive. Haha.

browns totally toffee crazy for coffee
From left: Totally Toffee, Crazy For Coffee

They look slightly pinkish in the photo above, but their true colour has more brown.


A huge thank you to L'oreal and Qoo10 for being so very generous and for making this review possible. I really enjoyed trying, swatching and writing about these lipsticks. Also, thank you for allowing me to post up this review after my examinations and my Sydney trip. :)

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  1. Firstly, your natural lip colour is lovely. Secondly, I really wonder how you did it all - whether you tried all the lipsticks immediately one after another : bare lips - lipsticks - wash off - lipsticks 2 - etc? I always find it hard to choose a lipstick shade when I'm at the store. Btw, I like Refined Wine on you too! :D