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Monday, July 28, 2014

ADORE Series Part 5: Comfort All Days // Freedom To Be Yourself [ADV]

How many times have you picked out an outfit to wear only to put it back in your wardrobe because you're having your period? For example: You'd love to wear that newly bought/your favourite pretty white dress. But because you're worried of leakage, you know it's a wiser choice to put it back and instead, choose a dark coloured item. The same goes to items that are body hugging.

Why should we have to compromise our ideal/perfect outfit choices for any occasion or event just because of our period? I used to have that proble, but now with ADORE, I don't have to anymore. Because, like I've mentioned in my previous ADORE series (part 1-4), I really don't have to worry about leakage. Plus, they don't make me feel like I'm wearing diapers lol. 

This is why I choose ADORE, because I can still wear the outfits I want even if my period is here, confidently! Here are just some examples. :)

For something casual, like a Sunday brunch or something, I always love wearing shorts, especially in this ridiculous heat nowadays. And I want to be able to wear my favourite pair of white shorts even if I'm having my period. Now I can, because I don't have to worry about leakage anymore! :D
2014-07-22 05.49.33 1
2014-07-22 05.50.35 1

And if I'm headed out to town, or want something a little more dressy, a dress is usually what I go for. Because it beats wearing a pair of jeans in this heat lol.

I'm wearing this newly launched dress courtesy from! I'll be posting more pictures featuring this gorgeous dress from them in my next post! 
2014-07-22 05.46.55 1
2014-07-22 05.32.32 1
As you can see, this dress is a little body hugging. But I don't have to worry about that either because ADORE's thin! Heh, no more "pampers".

And for something a little more in between the above two, like an outfit good for school. I'd sometimes wear jeans. And like the above outfits, it's important that I'm confident I won't have leakage nor feel like I'm wearing "pampers" when I wear my skinny jeans.
2014-07-22 05.58.03 1
The top is also courtesy of Plains and Prints, which I will also be doing an advertorial post soon! They also gave me a really sweet dress!

Back to ADORE, my favourite one out of their entire range is without a doubt the Comfort All Days, which is a combo pack of 13 developed as an all-in-one convenience for anyone on the go. 1 pack is all you need for your entire period because it gives you 3 variants - Day, Night, Lite Flow. I particularly like the Lite Flow ones because towards the end, the flow gets lighter; so regular day ones feel abit too much lol, like it's wasted. Hahaha.

And just like the previous ranges that I wrote about previously, the Comfort All Days is no different. It too also has high absorbency rate (which means we will feel cleaner, fresher and drier), leak-proof base, soft and comfy and of course, the Green Compound Strip breakthrough technology that prevents bacterial growth.

Do you know that ADORE has been awarded Winner of Best Selling Premium Sanitary Napkin of The Year 2014 Award for the SECOND consecutive year (2013 and again this year) by Watsons HWB - Health Wellness Beauty??

Need I say more? If you've not tried ADORE yet, you really should. And you will see why I love it. :)


The ADORE range also includes:

-       Active Days ($5.85)
-       Daily Freshness ($5.30)
- Dreamy Nights ($4.65)
-       Comfort All Days ($4.90)

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