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Wednesday, July 2, 2014

LED Teeth Whitening with LUSH Aesthetics [Sponsored Review]

2014-06-14 07.28.49 1
Having a set of pearly whites can make a huge difference to one's appearance. Just look at this Google image of Celine Dion I found lol (see below). The picture you see above, was taken while I was in Sydney, a few days after I did the LED teeth whitening treatment with LUSH Aesthetics. :)


It's actually kinda easy for our teeth to turn yellow because the main culprits are actually food and drinks, which we consume on a daily basis! Of course, not all food and drinks will cause teeth to turn yellow, but some of these culprits are what we consume quite often! For example: Black Tea & Coffee, Cola (soda and other sports drinks), Sugar (includes sweet treats like candies and desserts), Red & White Wine, Curry and other sauces, Fruit Juices, Brightly Coloured Fruits & Veggies (like blueberries).

And for me, I consume these items pretty damn often! :/ I also used to wear braces, which made the yellowing much worse. Here's a photo of how yellow my teeth were before the LED Teeth Whitening treatment.

2014-05-08 05.05.52 1
Not very nice yes?

2014-06-24 10.03.53 1
Before the treatment, the shade of your teeth will be matched with these (see above), to determine the number of your teeth's current shade. The one at the bottom is one example of the "end result", the shade of how your teeth would look like after finishing the treatment.

And here are my new pearly whites after the treatment! Hehe. All these pictures were taken in Sydney. :)

2014-06-08 02.31.01 1
With my brother, he's good looking right? Hahaha.

2014-06-13 01.27.16 1
2014-06-13 12.52.34 1
I have even more reasons to smile now, all thanks to Lush Aesthetics :)

If you were wondering, the treatment is generally painless and they also take care of your gums by applying a gum protectant before commencing the LED treatment.

Like I said, having a set of nice, white teeth is important as it can make one look SO much better! Whether or not you have an important occasion/event coming up, or an upcoming job interview, you should still have a set of pearly whites!

And here's another good reason why you should do something about it - because LUSH Aesthetics is having an awesome promotion for their LED Teeth Whitening treatment! At only $99, you'd be kicking yourself if you miss this really good deal, trust me! Don't miss this one ok? It ends 31 July 2014!

Screen shot 2014-06-25 at PM 12.38.51

You can check out this page for more information about this treatment and the other treatments they offer. You can also call them directly for an appointment.
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