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Wednesday, July 9, 2014

The Book That Moved Me [ADV]

I'm a bookworm, and I always will be. In fact, I think I wouldn't be wearing glasses today if it weren't for the fact that I was such a bookworm at such a young age. (I started wearing glasses when I was 7 or 8 lol) But don't get me wrong, I'm more than glad to call myself a bookworm, because to me, life wouldn't be quite complete without books. And I have my parents, especially my dad to thank, for introducing me to the books that kicked off and nurtured my love for reading.

When the Singapore Memory Project approached me and shared with me more about the "Books That Moved Me" campaign, the book that popped into my mind instantly was "Little Women". 

I remembered that it was my mum who recommended it to me while we were browsing through a makeshift stall that sold second-hand books. Now when I think back on the characters and the themes "Little Women" addressed, I do think this book may be why I enjoyed literature so much in secondary school. And now, I'm pursuing English (Lang & Lit) for my degree!

I fondly remember the slightly torn and tattered book cover, fading colours on the cover and yellowing of the pages inside. For this post, I tried searching for it but it seems like my mum chucked it away already because it looked like it was falling apart. It's an old book after all, plus I got it second hand so I've no idea how old it actually is. I can't find the same book cover on Google either. But I'm definitely gonna buy myself another copy of "Little Women", hopefully in these editions.

These book cover designs are too pretty!! Especially the one of the left.

If you've not read it before, I strongly urge you to! Even FRIENDS, the TV series featured it in one of the episodes. ;)

I'm really happy to be working with the Singapore Memory Project (SMP) for this "Books That Moved Me" campaign because I LOVE what they're doing! SMP is a whole-of-nation movement that aims to capture and document precious moments and personal memories related to Singapore; recollections are not merely from individual Singaporeans, but also organisations, associations, companies and groups.

I'm a huge nostalgia lover, and I think there's a bit of a nostalgia lover in all of us too. And nostalgia can be very heartwarming. Just take a look at this video.

It's incredibly heartwarming isn't it! Brought a smile to my face. There's a total of 3 videos in this series btw! And all 3 are really worth watching. :)

I also strongly, strongly urge you to head on over to the irememberSG Facebook Page and take a look at the things they've been posting. I promise you a trip down memory lane or a glimpse into how Singapore used to be. And of course, check out the "Books That Moved me" album.

Why? Because some of the books may actually be yours! Or you might know the owner of those books. Wouldn't it be most lovely to reunite all these books with their owners? Here's some of the books in the album.

Even if none of the books are familiar to you, please do feel free to share your memories of your favourite childhood book and be a part of the "Books That Moved Me" campaign with the Singapore Memory Project. You can also check out these 2 exhibitions that are a part of this campaign at the National Library, here are the details!

Books That Moved Me Showcase #1 // 20 June to 31 August @ NLB Lobby Level 1

This exhibition features 40 interpretations of books covers, from local titles to international best-sellers and literary classics. Featuring this collaboration between SMP and KULT, artists from Singapore and overseas will present their take on book covers well-loved by the public, such as works by Enid Blyton, Shakespeare and Catherine Lim. The artworks will be accompanied by memories from readers and showcased in an SMRT train, and at the lobby of the National Library Building

Books That Moved Me Showcase #2 // 20 June to 31 August @ Central Public Library

SMP embarked on a journey to reunite old books with old friends, and the result is a reunion showcase for avid readers with popular books of yesteryears and recent times. This exhibition invites the public to contribute their memories of reading and books. Activities will also be held over selected weekend for the public.

So, calling all Singaporeans, especially if you're a bibliophile or a nostalgia lover like me. This is a campaign you wouldn't want to NOT be a part of. Come and get on in! :)

"Do you still remember the childhood books that moved you?" 

Share with me or better yet, with fellow Singaporeans over at the "irememberSG" Facebook page here.

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