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Wednesday, August 27, 2014

ADORE Series Part 6: The Mini Edition // A Teaser [ADV]

I have no idea how much of a hassle life would be if we didn't have things that come in compact sizes. Our fast-paced lifestyles make that really important because we are usually, always on the go, rushing from one place to another and squeezing as much as we can in our schedule, all in a day. We go to work/school, maybe squeeze in a little time for gym, go off to meet friends and loved ones in the evening, etc. And let's not forget travelling overseas! Or even a staycation/chalet/stayover at a friend's place. What would we do without compact sizes?

There are so many things that come in compact sizes these days, from cameras to portable chargers to bags and even our food! For me, there are a few things that come in compact sizes that I am so thankful for. And I consider these my nifty little essentials.

2014-08-25 04.59.33 1

There's my perfume atomizer. You know how sometimes you walk out of a food joint smelling like food and oil? Not a pleasant smell to have in your hair and on your clothes, and I'd love to smell like I just stepped out of the house again, like flowers hahaha. If you were wondering, I use either Chloe or Juicy Couture's La Fleur. I can't possibly lug my perfume bottle out with me so these compact size atomizers are perfect! And plus, they're refillable.

You also see some of my compact size essentials for the shower which are perfect when I go to the gym/travel/staycation - the flatlay picture features my body soap (this one by juicy couture smells absolutely divine) and my eye and face makeup remover.

Last but not least, which isn't pictured because I used it to snap the flatlay, is my semi-pro camera! I know it's not exactly considered a compact, but to me it IS, especially when compared to my DSLR. I still want to take quality pictures! ;)

And guess what, ADORE, the sanitary napkin brand I've been sharing with you guys the past few months will be having an exciting product launch in Sep/Oct 2014!! I shall not spoil the surprise, all I will say is that the hint is "Mini". I'm excited for this new product because the past few ADORE products I've reviewed in my ADORE Series all do not disappoint! I love the softness, the comfort, the high absorbency rate, the leak-proof base (yay no more leakage!), the awesome Green Compound Strip technology that prevents bacterial growth which is why it makes me feel fresher and cleaner!

2014-08-25 04.51.32 1

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