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Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Alive Museum Singapore // Trick or Treat? [Media Invitation]

Those who've been to Korea are definitely no stranger to Korea's first and original 3D entertainment attraction, Alive Museum. Now, we have it right here in Singapore! We don't have to go all the way to Korea just to experience this visual attraction yay!

Located in Suntec City Mall, this 3D illusionary museum offers a sensory experience that tricks one's visual, physical and environmental perceptions, bring fantasy to reality. All of us would definitely have seen an optical illustion before. I've seen far too many in my psychology textbook hahahaha. But now, you can get not only see, but also touch, feel and be a part of these optical illusions!

2014-08-10 05.00.45 1
2014-08-10 05.00.31 1
Psy psy psychelic ~

2014-08-10 04.59.59 1
2014-08-10 04.59.47 1
2014-08-10 05.00.12 1
2014-08-10 05.07.40 1
2014-08-10 04.10.10 1
2014-08-10 04.09.58 1
I really miss being able to do splits.

2014-08-10 04.09.22 1
2014-08-10 04.59.31 1
2014-08-10 04.59.21 1
2014-08-10 04.09.43 1
2014-08-10 04.09.13 1
2014-08-10 04.09.02 12014-08-10 04.08.43 1

I love how they threw in more than one aspect of art in the museum. There's trick art, digital art, object art, experimental art and more! And there will be more exhibitions added like special exhibits during special occasions such as Christmas and Chinese New Year.

I say it makes a great trip whether it's with your other half, friends or family. Children especially will have lots of fun. Plus, they're having a promotion now - You can get free Burger King meals with your Alive Museum ticket. Food and fun, why not? Get the deets here -

Thank you for inviting me and the boy! :)

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