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Sunday, August 3, 2014

Celebrate Love: A Collaboration with CITIGEMS [Teaser]

I'm really thrilled to be embarking on this collaboration with CITIGEMS, and I can't wait to share with you guys the items I would be featuring from them. So do keep a lookout for CITIGEMS posts on my blog and Instagram (@shanicekohyt)! There may also be something in it for you! ;) So keep your eyes peeled to my social media accounts okie!

I believe none of us are strangers to CITIGEMS. I've shopped there before, not for myself, but a gift for my mum. When you buy something for a loved one, especially jewellery, it's all about celebrating love isn't it? And of course, I don't mean only romantic love, but also the selfless love between parents and their children, love for a close friend and the list is endless really. Let's also not forget the love you should have for yourself! :)

And CITIGEMS' Perfect Love® collection is about that - celebrating love. And plus, do you know that if you look at the Perfect Love® diamond through the gemscope, you will be able to see 8 hearts on the bottom and 8 arrows at the top? Upon realising this, I thought the collection's pretty aptly named hahaha. 

I believe most of us are more familiar with purchasing and wearing costume jewellery (I think that's what it's called yes?) which we buy from Lovisa, H&M and Forever21 (just to name a few). It's the same for me. However, I do see the need to own a proper piece of jewellery because I realise that I actually borrow jewellery from my mum sometimes. That's when the costume jewellery I own are not suitable for the occasion. For example: a formal dinner or when I get invited to attend fashion shows/festivals. I will need something more luxurious/classy. And since my mum's jewellery taste sometimes differ from mine, I would need my own. 

BUT, after checking out CITIGEMS' Perfect Love® collection, I realised that we can actually wear these diamonds day to day too. They don't only have to be worn for the more luxurious/classy occasions. And I'll share with you how! Hehe. So till then, keep your eyes peeled! ;)

Instagram: @citigemsjewellery

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