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Monday, August 11, 2014

Fresh Fruits Lab FFL Bar & Bistro @ Kembangan : Fruity Focus, Laboratory Style [Media Tasting]

I reaaaaaaaallllyyyyy wish Fresh Fruits Lab opened in Tampines or Bedok instead. If only! It's without a doubt one of my favourite cafes/bar/bistro right now. If they did, I'd be a super regular customer hahaha.

I love my fruits, I can't go a day without them. I start my day with a kiwi, without fail, every single day. Ask anyone who went overseas with me lol, I'll be on the hunt/look out for kiwis. And cheap thrill when I find a shop selling it.

Fresh Fruits Lab Fresh Fruits Lab(FFL) is a simple and elegant Bar & Bistro with a trademark fruity focus, artfully designed in a subtle laboratory style. At FFL, the menu is specially designed and
handcrafted to incorporate a fruity element in many of the dishes, adding a dash of tangy excitement
to our customers’ dining experience. 

It's like made for me HAHA. And if you were wondering, they're located a 10-mins walk away from Kembangan station. 

2014-07-30 03.37.53 1
I love the chalkboard wall and the art!

2014-07-30 03.38.02 1
2014-07-30 06.14.34 1
2014-07-30 03.37.25 1
2014-07-30 03.37.37 1
They serve water in beakers!! So cute. And that's not all, their water is fruit-infused water. Tasty water, yum yum.

2014-07-30 03.37.14 1
I'm a tea person. I love tea. So I was really chuffed when I realised they have a menu of specially curated fruit inspired tea blends! You can take a whiff to help you decide which blend you'd like to have.

2014-07-30 03.37.05 1

And the food tasting begins!

2014-07-30 03.36.56 1
The FFL Fruit Salad // Homemade granola in berry yoghurt, topped with a delightful mix of fruits.

THIS WAS SO GOOD. I wish this could be my breakfast every morning! I never knew granola could taste so good?? We are definitely off to a great start with this dish, so refreshing and satisfying!

Because both my butty (BFF) and I don't take beef, we couldn't try their "Da Bomb Burger", which is chef recommended and a very popular choice among their patrons. It consists of beef, lettuce, tomatoes, sweet onion cornichons, dijon mustard, crispy bacon, sunny side up egg and melted cheese. It sounds really really good! And actually, from the sound of it, it sounds like a dish the boy would really love. Definitely bringing him there to try it.

Yes so because we couldn't try that dish, we had the Moroccan Spiced Chicken Burger. This one consists of a grilled chicken thigh, lettuce, tomatoes, spiced paprika mustard, grilled zucchinis and egg plant. And also the fruit salad, caramelised fruit salad side and chips/french fries.

2014-07-30 03.36.47 1
The burger was delicious, I mean just look at it!

2014-07-30 03.36.36 1
But you know something? It's the fries and the dip that actually stole the show! Hahaha. I don't usually finish my fries, same for Butty. But wow the dip was so amazing we actually polished off all of it with the fries. Yum yum.

2014-07-30 03.36.28 1

The next dish we tried was the Kiwi-Me-Up. A yuzu infused wrap with lettuce, tomatoes, eggs, kiwi, pepper strips and paprika mustard.

2014-07-30 03.36.13 1
Now this one I'm not really sure what to think of it. I'd say it's an acquired taste. Something about the dressing/sauce tasted too much like wasabi to me lol. And I'm not a fan of wasabi. If you are, then you might like this one.

And off to desserts now!
2014-07-30 03.29.04 1
Lychee Cake!

I really like this one, love actually! It was such a pleasant surprise why? Because the exterior of the cake actually has the texture of marshmallows! So it was a little like eating lychee marshmallows, sounds lovely yes?

2014-07-30 03.28.54 1
Rainbow Cake!

Now if there's only one rainbow cake you have to try, make it this one. Why? Well, for one, I'm not really a fan of rainbow cakes because to me they're just really pretty sponge cakes with cream and it ends there. But this one is definitely more than just a pretty looking cake. It is probably the ONLY rainbow cake I will want to have again. If I didn't remember wrongly, it's yuzu/citrus flavoured. The cream isn't too heavy on the taste buds also. So it's actually very light and refreshing on the palette!

Now this is one rainbow cake that is pretty both inside and out.
2014-07-30 01.42.44 1

The last item we tried that day is this - Fruit Bouquet!
2014-07-30 03.28.46 1
An edible bouquet! Hahaha.

Do you know that you can find "soil" beneath the leaf? This soil is actually coffee powder! I thought that's a really nice touch!

2014-07-30 03.28.35 1
You're also given a chocolate dip to go with your edible fruit bouquet. ;)

We also tried their juices made from a cold pressed juicer. That is what counts because only with a cold pressed juicer can the nutrients and goodness from the fruits be retained. I wish they had grapefruit juice though.

I'd like to thank Fresh Fruits Lab FFL for extending their invitation to me to try out some dishes from their menu and for their warm hospitality. It was most delightful. I will definitely be back for more. :)

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