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Sunday, August 17, 2014

GLOMAX Aesthetics Eternal Lifting Treatment [Sponsored Review]

This is not my first experience with GLOMAX, and I'm more than happy to be back again to try out another treatment from them. My first experience with them was in March this year, to try out the Intensive Acne Medic Treatment and boy did I love it! You can read about my (rave) review on that treatment here. I'd gladly put up with the pain from extraction every month (the step I hate the most cos I've little tolerance for pain hahaha) cos in exchange, I'm guaranteed clear, glowy skin for a good month!

This time, they invited me to try the Eternal Lifting Treatment which won The Women's Weekly Best Non-Invasive Treatment Award 2013.

What It Does?

Immediate and dramatically reduced appearance of lumpy skin, improved skin texture and a reduction in circumference reduction, smoother contours and an overall improvement in skin texture and laxity.


60 mins

Now, the effects of this treatment would have really obvious effects on more mature ladies. For example, my mum. Like wrinkles, sagging skin and all those issues that comes with age. I'm only 22, so my skin is still quite young. BUT, it's not perfect. I have pore issues, uneven skin tone, bumpy skin on parts of my face for example. And if were to put aside skin issues, the contours of my face are not symmetrical either. I could really use this treatment too hehe.

Before treatment, bare faced.
2014-08-01 03.37.19 1
2014-08-01 03.37.11 1

And treatment begins!
2014-08-01 03.37.03 1

This treatment uses multiple radio frequencies in three different treatment modes to target different tissue depths, from the superficial layers of the skin to the hypodermis. The fourth mode - multi-channel mode - creates a stronger, more accurately distributed thermal response that travels through all skin layers.

Then, there is the addition of Vacuum Therapy that further intensifies the treatment by facilitating deeper tissue penetration to increase local blood circulation, promote lymphatic drainage and induce lipolysis. You don't have to know the industry terms to know that this is a good thing! :D

2014-08-01 03.36.54 1

So in other words, this treatment stimulates existing collagen and elastin fibres, enhances collagen secretion and improves skin's elasticity over time - which makes your skin look smoother, firmer, tighter and hence, younger! This can be seen in just the first treatment, so just imagine if you treat your skin to this treatment more than once.

And post treatment!!
2014-08-17 06.46.38 1
2014-08-17 06.46.27 1

I could see a very obvious lift in my face, from my eye area to the cheekbones. Post treatment saw me with a more V-shaped face yay! My skin felt like it was a few years younger ahaha.

This treatment is priced at $400. However, GLOMAX Aesthetics is extending their generosity to my readers too! You can enjoy the same treatment I did at only $198!!! Whoop whoop, simply quote my name "Shanice". So, go ahead and pamper your skin, you deserve it. :)


Thank you GLOMAX Aesthetics once again, for inviting me to treat another of your award-winning treatments. It's always a pleasure, and my skin sure is grateful.

GLOMAX Aesthetics is located at:

The Central, Soho 2
12 Eu Tong Sen Street #06-168
Singapore 059819

Call 6225 5193 for more enquiries/to book an appointment


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