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Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Staycation @ BUNC Hostel [Media Invitation]

I was recently invited by Bunc Hostel for a little staycation. I believe most of us have some negative preconceptions about backpacker hostels - that they are shabby, squeezy and aren't as good as compared to staying at a budget hotel (like the ones with 2 or 3 stars). But after my little stay at Bunc, I think it actually beats staying at 2 or 3-star hotels, hands down! If I can find backpackers hostels similar to Bunc in the countries I visit, I will definitely choose to stay there without a moment's hesitation.

BUT, Bunc is not just perfect for a staycation or if you're a tourist looking to stay at a place while in Singapore at a wallet-friendly place. Bunc, I realised, is PERFECT for a chalet kinda thing with friends too!!

2014-08-10 05.11.12 1
The lobby/entrance area. It has both Macintosh and Windows desktops for both users. Thoughtful isn't it! 
2014-08-10 05.11.23 1
This is the area where you'll have your breakfast/food. I love how the set up is like this because it encourages you to meet and mingle with other people, which is what backpackers hostels are about isn't it? Meeting people from other countries, who knows, they might be able to host you when you visit their country in the future.

There's also a vending machine so you can grab a midnight snack or a snack anytime you're feeling peckish. You can also find books, magazines and board games in this area. Oh and there's also 2 massage chairs!

2014-08-10 05.11.45 1
This is the entrance to our room! We got the private ensuite, which is great for couples who want to do a staycation.

2014-08-10 05.12.19 1
2014-08-10 05.12.08 1
The telly actually contains a long list of movies you can watch! A very good curated list too! You can have a midnight movie marathon heh.

2014-08-10 05.07.47 1
Here's another thoughtful feature from Bunc! See the mini bidet spray thing? I wish all toilets have that, so much better for feminine hygiene. ;)

2014-08-10 05.11.57 1
2014-08-10 05.11.35 1

And then we were brought around the hostel for a mini tour of the place! Here's the kitchen and laundry area.
2014-08-10 05.10.58 1
2014-08-10 05.10.45 1
It contains almost everything you need, I'm sure!

2014-08-10 05.10.33 1
And a sitting area outside.

You can also conduct barbeques here! This level is like an alfresco area which is really perfect! And you know what makes it even more perfect?

2014-08-10 05.10.21 1
You can watch shows/movies on that flat screen you see or actually just lounge around, if you prefer that. Just look at those comfy beanbags hahaha, so sink-worthy. There's also a piano and a foosball table.

See what I mean by it's perfect for a night with friends, beats chalets! Plus with chalets, not everyone gets to sleep on a bed, and it usually isn't clean and they're kinda out of the way!

They have 6-bed, 12-bed and 16 bed dorms. They also have both single beds and double beds. You can also book an entire dorm if you and your group of friends want a private space. But of course, it's subject to availability. ;)

Here's how the dorms look like.

2014-08-10 05.10.09 1
2014-08-10 05.09.57 1
2014-08-10 05.09.44 1
Reading light
2014-08-10 05.09.33 1
The light is reversible (?) so for those who are afraid to sleep in the dark, they can switch on the night light without disturbing others. All beds come with 2 pillows and a duvet.

2014-08-10 05.09.20 1
2014-08-10 05.09.09 1
The sheets are also made to be resistant to bed bugs, which is a really nice touch!

2014-08-10 05.08.57 1
2014-08-10 05.08.34 1
The bathroom/toilet.

They also have a ladies' only floor, which can be recognised from the pink ceilings.
2014-08-10 05.08.44 1
2014-08-10 05.08.00 1
2014-08-10 05.08.08 1
Here's how the double beds look like.

I really enjoyed my stay at Bunc. I see thoughtfulness everywhere throughout the place, especially in their custom designed beds. Each bed includes:

  • Adjustable LED Reading Light
  • Wall Power Socket
  • Anti-bug covers
  • 2x Hotel Grade Pillows
  • 260 thread count duvets
  • Hanging tools for clothes and towels
  • Ledge for putting personal items
  • Baggage lockers
  • Clean, fresh linens
And to top it off, they have amazing facilities! Which I shared in this post as well. Oh and breakfast is included too! They're definitely living up to their slogan - it's more than just a bed. 

I had a really pleasant stay, thank you so much Bunc Hostel, for inviting me and for the warm hospitality. :)

You can check out their website for more information here -

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