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Thursday, September 4, 2014

Café Fest x Spotify: Cafe Trail Sneak Peak! [Media Preview]

I love food. And I love well-designed interiors and exteriors. Which is also why, I cafe hop, alot. When I found out about Café Fest, it was incontestably a must-go for me. So, just imagine my reaction when I received the invitation from the lovely people at Lewis PR on behalf of Spotify to attend this Cafe Trail Sneak Peak! Hehe. I was so excited. Plus, do you know how much I love Spotify?? I am a super happy Spotify Premium user hahaha, in fact, I think I told someone that I'd love to work at Spotify.

Anyway! Did you know that Café Fest is actually the world's first café-hopping event? It celebrates the best of Singapore's café culture and what the community has to offer. Singapore's café scene has grown tremendously, and I do love how it is right now. I especially love cafés with a good playlist. A good playlist can really enhance the whole café experience, and for me, I always turn to Spotify for my music. What would I do without it??

Okay, back to the trail sneak peak haha. I brought the boyfriend along with me as my plus one. The itinerary that night saw us going to 2 of the cafes that will be a part of Café Fest - Jimmy Monkey and Hatter Street. They picked us up at Cityhall MRT and off we went!

First Stop: Jimmy Monkey!

2014-08-29 05.34.24 1

I've heard about this cafe, especially their coffee. But because it's really far from where I stay, it was my first time visiting them.

And the moment I stepped into the place, I fell in love with the interior. Just wow, it has so much character! It's like every wall, every corner and every brick has a story to tell, giving you a glimpse into its past.

2014-08-29 05.40.13 1
2014-08-29 05.40.37 1
2014-08-29 05.31.40 1
2014-08-29 05.40.26 1
Hey, Jimmy Monkey ;)

2014-08-29 05.33.22 1
Do you see the toilet bowl (and the half used paper roll)? Definitely the quirkiest feature in the entire place hahaha. And according to Michael, the owner/boss, the floor above used to be a restroom, he decided to leave it as part of the interior (so cool la omg). The half used paper roll however, was added in to complete the feature haha. A really nice touch I think.

I like it when people leave a part of the place's "history" untouched and make it part of the new interior. Because then, the place can tell its own story.

2014-08-29 05.47.31 1
2014-08-29 05.32.17 1
2014-08-29 05.31.47 1
This Mork chocolate powder that Michael brought in from Aussie was amazingggg?! It's made in Melbourne and an artisanal drinking chocolate (70%).

2014-08-29 05.31.59 1

Then, he made us his Spotify drink creation, called "Spotty Mocha".

2014-08-29 05.32.08 1

It consists of Mork Chocolate (the powder you saw earlier) and Mint Mocha. The drink is inspired by the corporate Spotify logo and the cheerful fun behind the whole concept of engaging and sharing the things we love through Café Fest. The Ironbark Espresso blend and a dash of premium peppermint flavour adds the festive cheer to this drink.

And of course, I had to try their latte. And I'm glad I did. It's one of the best lattes I've had. And mind you, I'm not really a coffee person. But this was so good I had almost half the cup.

2014-08-29 05.32.27 1
2014-08-29 05.40.01 1
Michael telling us about Jimmy Monkey's specially curated Spotify playlist.

2014-08-29 05.34.00 1
Thank you Michael for having us and for your warm hospitality. It was an absolute joy speaking to you, especially when you were telling us the backstory on how Jimmy Monkey came about. Your passion to serve only the best coffee and food's really inspiring.


Second Stop: Hatter Street

2014-08-29 05.39.51 1
2014-08-29 05.39.42 1
2014-08-29 05.32.38 1

And this is Hatter Street's Spotify drink creation, called Moheetoes. Hahaha love the name. It's created using ingredients such as mint leaves, soda water, sugar, lime juice and strawberries. They specifically used mint leaves and lime juice to create a refreshing taste, making it the perfect drink to cool down and beat the heat here, and at the same time, to reflect the green in Spotify.

2014-08-29 05.32.49 1

And I really love this drink, I forsee myself getting it during Cafe Fest this weekend. It's just so refreshing and fruity, my tastebuds love it. This concoction also reflects what Hatter Street - to give customers a sense of adventure and new experiences. And this is evident in their food.

2014-08-29 05.34.13 1
2014-08-29 05.39.31 1
Yvette, the lady boss, is sharing with us her specially curated list for Hatter Street on Spotify.

I swear, I've never had so much surprises or "wow" moment at a cafe before, from their food. Let's start with the first dessert.

Smoked Sawdust Pudding
2014-08-29 05.32.57 1

I won't describe it first, just look at our faces/reactions before I start.
2014-08-29 05.39.16 1
2014-08-29 05.39.07 1
2014-08-29 05.38.57 1
Hahahaha. Yvette told us to take a whiff of it first. And my reaction was probably like ?!?! You know why? Cos it kinda smelt like uhhh joss sticks or like burning incense paper? Lol. So my brain was like damn this is gonna taste weird? But on the contrary, it tasted PRETTY DAMN PHENOMENAL.

Basically, it smelt smoky because Yvette smoked it. But that smoked scent brought out the entire taste, it complemented the pudding with so much perfection that words would fail me if I tried to describe it. I really had the most pleasant surprise the moment I put it in my mouth. Seriously, a must try. If there's only one thing you wanna have a Café Fest, make it this. It should be this.

Whoaffles' with Pandan ice-cream & Gula Melaka
2014-08-29 05.33.13 1
Having worked at a gelato/waffle place, I was really intrigued by this waffle. Because, if you wanna make your waffle crispy, you usually have to leave it in the waffle maker longer, which also means the colour of the waffle will be a darker brown. BUT, this waffle was really crispy! And yet, remained a nice light, golden brown. According to Yvette, the batter is specially made by her and the "cooking" process is also unlike the usual, leave it in the waffle machine and done kind. I love crispy waffles, so yes I loved this one.

2014-08-29 05.33.06 1
Alice is a white chocolate brownie with a scope of home-made vanilla ice cream, drizzled with salted caramel sauce. 

It's not just because I love salted caramel. But my goodness, this entire combination was absolutely delightful. 


Yvette started Hatter Street as an avenue for her to be creative with her F&B creations, and damn did she nail it! Her creations are really inspiring and taste really amazing too. I am definitely going back for more that's for sure.

2014-08-29 09.52.43 1

Café Fest will be happening this weekend set against the beautiful backdrop of the Singapore skyline at the Waterfront Promenade. Not only that, there will also be performances from local acts and tons of other fun games and activities. My favourite local band, 53A, will be performing there too (on Sat) so that's like an added cherry on top hehehe.

Oh and Basheer's will be there too!! My go to place for good books on design and where I get my favourite magazines such as Kinfolk, Frankie and Cereal.

To find out more about Café Fest, visit or look them up on Facebook (Café Fest SG) and Instagram (@cafefestsg).

If you're going, I'll see you there! Will be there on Sat hehe. ;)

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