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Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Celebrate Love with CITIGEMS // Editorial [ADV]

I mentioned a few posts back that I'll be collaborating with CITIGEMS to feature their  Perfect Love® collection. I'm really happy that I got one of my favourite photographer friend on board this collaboration because I think he's one of the most talented local photographers ever. I'll be placing a link to his website so you guys can check out his work, they're really good trust me.

The Perfect Love® collection by CITIGEMS is all about celebrating love. It does not have to be only be about your other half, like I mentioned in my teaser post. It also celebrates love between parent-child, friends, etc. 

For this collaboration, I decided to rope in the boy hahaha. Because, he's been saying that he wants us to take a nice series of pictures together. And also because, we just celebrated our anniversary a few days ago, I thought this shoot will be a really lovely way to celebrate it. Celebrate love, ain't it? ;)

All the products featured in the editorial are from the Perfect Love® collection, which is the quintessence of blissful love. The mesmerising hearts and arrows-cut is distinctive of the Perfect Love® diamond. You can read more about that in my teaser post here.

And now, presenting to you, the final end product :) *beams with excitement*

It was our very first time doing a shoot like that, felt a lil bit like a wedding shoot lolol. But no, that's not gonna happen anytime soon. I'm only 22, still a long way to go! ;) It was a really nice experience however, we had a lot of fun despite the heat and humidity, and the really annoying mosquitoes and other crawlies. The pictures made it all worth it.

Can't thank my photographer friend, Jonathan Liu, enough. I love his works, and plus he loves/shoots on film too!! #filmisnotdead

Okay back to the jewellery. Here's a closer look at each piece of the jewellery that I wore and featured in the editorial.

There's the Perfect Love Tango Diamond pendant that was featured in the first few pages. Now this one, I need to highlight that the diamond you see? IT DANCES. Like baby groot hahahaha (if you didn't watch Guardians of The Galaxy, you wouldn't get this). It uses a new technology that allows the diamond to swing freely and dance. Bascially, the diamond moves and vibrates whenever it senses movement.It's actually very mesmerising to watch because it catches the light rays from all angles, and so you're able to admire the diamond in all its beauty and brilliance. And because of this, the diamond will also appear bigger.

Oh and did you know that, the diamond centrepiece swings due to one's heartbeat?? SO COOL. I love how it's like this because well, we always associate love with heart, don't we?


Followed by the Elegant Love Diamond pendant and earrings set. I love the tassels (I think that's what it's called? haha) feature of the pendant's design, very elegantly shaped too.

4967CD      8859DB

My favourite however, is this super pretty Infinity ring

And lastly, this pendant shaped as a heart, a symbol that is of course synonymous with love.


Would also like to thank ZA for sending me a goodie bag containing their new products. It includes the Beauty In Bloom Set (Blue Blooming Lunch Tote, 2 Foundation Re-fill, Limited Edition Case, ZA Deep Cleansing Oil) and the Perfect Solution Youth Whitening Serum.

2014-08-28 03.23.35 1

ZA and CTIGEMS are also collaborating to give you a chance to win $2, 000 worth of CITIGEMS jewellery in their lucky draw.

You will also receive a $5 off CITIGEMS cash voucher upon each purchase of the limited edition sets. ;)

I had a lot of fun with this collaboration with CITIGEMS. Because 1) I've not collaborated with a jewellery brand before. 2) Cos, well, the jewellery I wear now's mostly costume jewellery. And I, like most others I believe, usually associate luxury jewellery with older, more mature ladies. But I have a confession, there are times when I have to borrow my mum's jewellery hahaha. Say, for formal dinners or events like fashion shows. Costume jewellery doesn't cut it for all events. 

And, on that note, my mum's taste and my taste are not always the same. So sometimes, I have trouble finding a piece of her jewellery that I think suitable or that I fancy. 

This collaboration saw me going to the store to check out the pieces and I feel that some are actually really wearable on a daily basis! Even youths lol. I think the other reason why such jewellery's usually associated with older ladies is because we don't think we are able to afford them since they're considered a luxury. But after this collaboration, I think CITIGEMS kinda proved that preconception wrong? Because their pieces are actually affordable and value for money.

So yeap, I think it's a good thing to invest in a set of luxury jewellery (like earrings & necklace especially, and maybe a bracelet) so it's tailored to our tastes and all. No need to borrow from our mums anymore! Ahaha.

So thank you CITIGEMS for hitting me up for this collaboration hehe. 


Meanwhile, you can connect CITIGEMS over on their social media accounts to get instant updates when they're gonna have promotions/contests/etc. Don't miss out!

Instagram: @citigemsjewellery

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