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Friday, August 29, 2014

Makeover at Illamasqua [Sponsored Review]

I was invited down to Illamasqua at Robinsons Orchard for a makeover to try their products. The brief was to give me a look that is very different from my usual, everyday look. And trust me, different, it really was. Because they were gonna give me a dramatic look.

Here's a glance of some of the products they used.
2014-08-25 11.42.34 1
2014-08-25 11.43.04 1
2014-08-25 11.42.49 1
Makeup all removed! Including the brows aha. Oh except my mascara and eyeliner.

And here we go! Starting with base makeup.
2014-08-25 11.42.23 1

Now, if you were wondering, my everyday makeup routine/look is just mascara with eyeliner at the end of my lash line only. I don't put eyeliner across the entire eyeline, just the end. I don't use foundation either. Just tinted moisturiser or my Laneige BB Cushion. I do put on blush and shade in my brows a little.

And if, I was heading for a shoot or something that requires me to doll up a little more. I will just add in false eyelashes haha. Only that, aside from that, my makeup routine is still the same.

It looks something like this :)
2014-08-17 06.46.27 1

And are you ready to see my makeover look?


2014-08-19 04.48.25 1
2014-08-19 04.47.25 1
2014-08-19 04.39.30 1


I felt like I just stepped off the runway or a beauty shoot or something hahaha. Super dramatic, very different from my usual more natural look. I also think it's quite bold because they paired a purplish eyeshadow shade with bright orange/coral lips? And the false eyelashes are the dramatic ones too, not the natural looking ones that I would usually use.

So I'd say, they definitely did right the brief - Different and dramatic, indeed.


Products they used on me:

  • Hydraveil - $58
  • Skin Base in Shade 07 - $59.50
  • Powder Foundation PF 200 - $65
  • Powder Blusher in Disobey - $44
  • Duo Blusher in Ambition - $72
  • Eyebrow Cake Thunder - $38
  • Eye Pencil in Sophie - #31
  • Eyeshadow in Livid - $34
  • Matte Lip Liquid in Exotic - $45

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