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Tuesday, September 23, 2014

My Visit to Julie's Biscuits Factory in Malacca!

2014-09-09 11.43.01 1

Who doesn't know Julie's Biscuits is obviously missing out! I have very fond childhood memories of Julie's because their Peanut Butter biscuit is actually one of my favourite biscuits ever. They're simple biscuits but yet they taste so good/heartwarming. And so, of course I was curious to know how they are made!

I would like to thank Ellice from Benjamin Ellice Communications for inviting me for this trip to Malacca, which I've never been to before, to check out Julie's factory. I also extended the invitation to Nurul who joined me as my plus one hehe.

Here's us after a 6-hr (I think) drive from Singapore to the factory in Alor Gajah where they've already prepared a hearty lunch for us!
2014-08-23 05.48.08 1

After lunch, we were brought to one of their conference rooms to understand more abut Julie's before proceeding onto the main highlight of this visit - to check out the factory where the biscuits are made!

2014-08-23 05.43.09 1

I fell in love with the brand even more after this trip, simply because I could clearly see that each Julie's employee takes pride in their work and wants to give only their best. They bake the biscuits with love because they go by the motto, "we don't serve to others what we will not eat." This is a a vision that I feel all food manufacturing brands should go by.

I also realised that Julie's biscuits takes really good care of their employees, which is really heartening to see. Because this is something you rarely see in most larger companies. For example: they started a cafeteria to provide lunch because they realised their some of their factory workers who hailed from poorer countries such as Nepal, India and Bangladesh eat instant noodles to save money. They also built a dormitory for them. Companies who have a heart for their employees, a really big thumbs up. :)

They really do live by their mission,
- We bake with love, we care for the society, we love the earth -
and put it all into action.

Before we could go into where the biscuits are made, we had to put all these on!
2014-08-23 11.03.20 1

This is done to ensure utmost hygiene and cleanliness of course!

2014-08-24 02.50.25 1
We all kinda felt like medical students hahahahaha.

The following images are courtesy of Julie's Biscuits.


Oil Spraying
Oil Spraying


Quality Control
Quality Control

And lastly, packing!


We got to try the Peanut Butter biscuits FRESH FROM THE OVEN!!! :D

And damn were they amazing?! Now whenever I eat Julie's peanut butter biscuits, all I can think about are the ones I had fresh from the oven. Nothing compares to that really.  They were still warm when we had them, which meant that they smelt even more fragrant!

2014-09-09 11.42.53 1
2014-08-23 11.03.37 1
Julie's also shared with us their "The Best Of You" campaign which I really loved. The artistic direction and the whole storyboarding done for all the 3 videos were also really really well-done. Loved it.

You can watch them here.

Julie's generosity also made sure we all left with bags full lol.
2014-08-23 11.03.45 1
Here's me with Mr Martin Ang, General Manager of Sales and Marketing for Julie's.

2014-08-23 06.40.08 1
And here's my outfit details for the first day of our trip!

2014-08-23 06.40.16 1
TOP // Charlotte Ruse
PANTS // Cotton On Body
BAG // Taobao
WATCH // Daniel Wellington
ACCESSORIES // Topshop and Lovisa

And if you were wondering what exactly did we bring home. Here it is! (Picture courtesy of William)
Gonna stuff myself silly with the Peanut Butter biscuits and share the love from Julie's with my loved ones hehe. Then again, I have friends who actually whatsapped me to reserve specific biscuit flavours when they knew I was gonna visit the factory lolol.

So if you've not tried Julie's biscuits before, you should! There's a reason why they are so well-loved by many and have so many awards to their name. 

A big thank you to everyone at Julie's for their warm hospitality, one of the best I've ever received really! Thank you all for bringing us around Malacca, stuffing us with glorious food and for spending your precious weekend time with us. You guys are the reason why this 2D1N trip was such a fun and fruitful one. I hope to be able to see you guys again! Much love to you all! :)


P.S: I will be blogging about our day 2 in Malacca real soon, so keep a look out for that!

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