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Thursday, November 20, 2014

Black Box SUPER 10 - Beauty Beast [Sponsored Review]

Say hello to SUPER 10, a special something from Black Box! Some of you may already have noticed the little changes done to the bi-monthly boxes the past few months, and indeed the team did have something up their sleeves. They were actually putting together 3 limited edition boxes; each box has a superhero character to represent its personality - Sapphire Wonder, Beauty Beast and Iron Amber.

And well, the Black Box team sent me the Beauty Beast box!

Photo 7-11-14 2 09 09 pm

The personality of that box is also what the team thinks of me I believe, which is, "Believe in your instincts and who you really are. To those who said that I can't do it, well, watch me."

What do you think? Does that sound like me?

Photo 7-11-14 3 03 56 pm
Photo 7-11-14 3 04 32 pm

Alrighty, time to find out what's inside!
Photo 7-11-14 2 07 43 pm

Hahaha imagine my surprise when I opened the box to see a picture a me in it. That's from my review on LUSH's Amalase Laser Facial that you can read here, if you haven't.

And yeap, there's a $28 voucher for the same treatment I did in any of the 3 limited edition boxes. ;)
Photo 7-11-14 2 05 10 pm
Photo 7-11-14 2 06 51 pm
Photo 7-11-14 2 06 30 pm

Here's what's inside.

Photo 7-11-14 2 04 54 pm

1. KLARITY Lasertox CC Miracle White Lotion

To find out what I think about this product, simply watch a review of it I did in this video, specifically from 3:11 onwards.

But in a nutshell, I love it. It has 11 benefits all in one lotion, and not only that, you literally see your skin-tone go a few shades lighter. It also leaves your complexion dewy and glowy.

2. Hada Lobo SHA Hydrating Face Wash

What else is there to say about Hada Lobo? This brand promises moisturised skin, and indeed it does deliver. My skin feels soft, moisturised and supple. If you were wondering, it does not leave your skin feeling tight at all.

3. Hada Lobo SHA Hydrating Lotion

The perfect complement to the face wash I just mentioned. I'm no stranger to this hydrating lotion. Also, many have been raving about this lotion. It really helps to lock in the moisture and to preserve the moisture balance in your skin. I couldn't be happier that the lotion and the wash came in a pair, because they'd be super convenient in my toiletries bag after my pilates class hehehe.

4. Himalaya Purifying Neem Scrub

My skin can't do without scrubs because I have blackheads and pore issues. Himalayas has always been a brand I trust (and a brand my mum loves) because it's all about natural ingredients. I'm a sucker for products/brands like that hahaha. 

The next 2 products are facial products for men, and so I got my brother to try them out! They're the L'oreal Paris Men Expertise Charcoal Black Scrub and L'oreal Expert Hydra Energetic X-Treme (Moisturiser). 

Got him to try them and to selfie with it aha. 

Most boys don't really place much importance on skincare, usually it's just cleanser and done. The same goes for my brother, but recently, he's been grumbling about the blemishes on his face (honestly I don't know what to call them, not a skincare expert here, so maybe spots/pigmentation? lol) So it's his first time trying out a scrub and moisturiser.

Like me, blackheads are an issue for him as well. So, for people who have blackheads, scrubs should be an ESSENTIAL in their skincare routine. Now one would not usually associate charcoal in skincare products, but did you know that charcoal can actually do wonders for your skin because of its natural detoxifying properties. So, charcoal in a scrub is just perfect!

My brother thought the scrub made his skin feel more refreshed, which meant that putting on the moisturiser after would be great because any layer of unwanted dead skin and all that gunk will now be gone, and moisture will be replenished. Yay! 

Photo 7-11-14 3 03 13 pm


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