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Friday, December 5, 2014

Introducing OKDGG - A Korean Fashion Online Shopping Mall ft. BBORAM [Sponsored Review]

I just came back from Seoul, Korea about a month ago and I wasn't expecting this but, the land of kimchi really charmed me. The food was amazing (their churros really have got nothing, NOTHING on Singapore's best churros), and not to mention the fashion. And the best part? SKINCARE. They have a plethora of quality skincare products and brands, and plus, they are pretty damn affordable! I spent about $400-$500 on beauty products alone, although half that amount went to stocking up on my favourite Laneige products because they cost only half of Singapore's retail price!?

So, it was really in good timing when OKDGG dropped me an email for a collaboration a few days after I came back ahaha. Because with OKDGG, it's like shopping in a Korean mall or fashion street, except that now, it's online!

They have so many different Korean brands and labels for you to choose from, and they don't just carry fashion brands, they also carry brands that offer beauty products, sports wear and equipment, food, baby stuff, electronic products and even K-pop merchandise. Isn't it just like shopping in a mall in Korea?

And the added cherry on top? FREE WORLDWIDE SHIPPING GUYSSSS.

Well, some brands require a minimum spenditure before giving free shipping, but I really think hitting that minimum amount would hardly be a problem. ;)

This month, I chose some products courtesy of the brand, BBORAM.

Photo 2-12-14 5 43 42 pm
Photo 3-12-14 12 00 05 pm
Photo 3-12-14 12 44 06 pm

Outfit Details

TOP // Taobao
SKIRT // Bought from a fashion boutique in Hongdae, Seoul
NECKLACE // Curious Creatures
EARRINGS // Lovisa
WATCH // Daniel Wellington

Photo 29-11-14 5 40 12 pm
Photo 29-11-14 5 54 38 pm

I adore this bracelet from BBORAM because of its unique design. I don't think I've come across a bracelet like this before. And the finish makes it look vintage and rustic, love it.

Photo 29-11-14 5 52 36 pm
Photo 2-12-14 5 42 53 pm
Photo 29-11-14 5 45 52 pm
Photo 29-11-14 5 36 56 pm

I LOVE Chelsea boots, I may actually have an unhealthy obsession with them I think? I can never get enough of them hahaha. And before this pair, I don't have one with a heel this high because I'm still abit tentative about high heels. I love how they make my legs look and how they make me look taller but I really don't fancy tottering around with them the whole day because I feel my movement is restricted somewhat. I can't hop, jump or run as comfortably as when I'm wearing my oxfords or my 2 inches high (or rather, low haha) Chelsea boots.

So, I thought this pair would be a good pair to start with and try. And it's a really pretty pair! I love how the base makes it look a little more rugged. The height well, still needs some getting used to aha. Although, they're still way more comfortable than stilettos.

Photo 29-11-14 6 18 47 pm
Photo 29-11-14 6 19 28 pm
Photo 29-11-14 6 27 36 pm
Singaporeans don't seem to have the habit of wearing hats despite our super sunny weather all year round, which is a pity because they stare when they see someone wearing them. But I don't care, because I love floppy hats and they help mask my otherwise flat hair. (issues with having fine hair sigh)

And this hat from BBORAM is the kind of floppy I want, so it's definitely gonna be an essential for music festivals like Laneway next year! ;)

So hop on over to OKDGG to check them out and get your Korean fashion, lifestyle, beauty, food, K-pop merchandise fix. And if any of the BBORAM items caught your fancy, I'll be linking the brand's page on BBORAM below as well.

Happy shopping and have a lovely weekend y'all!



// Items were sponsored by OKDGG & BBORAM but all thoughts are my own //

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  1. Considering X'mas and CNY are reaching soon, the timing couldn't be more perfect! :)